Where To Get Your Dog?

Once you have considered all things and well prepared at all aspects in mentality and pets supplies, it’s time to get a puppy. But here comes a problem: Where To Get Your Dog?

There are several way you can get a dog from: an animal shelter, a pet store, a responsible breeder or a rescue organization. Typically, dogs from shelters or rescue organizations are neutered, or you will be required to neuter them as condition of purchase.

Animal Shelter

There are lots of advantages of picking up a puppy or get your dog from animal shelter.

  1. You can save a dog from euthanasia
  2. You can look for a clean, healthy puppy or adult dog.
  3. You will help stop the maltreat behaviors to animals
  4. You can get knowledge about keeping a dog

Ways of how to choose a dog from animal shelter:

  • Check the dog’s cleanliness of ears, eyes, nose and tails and observe the dog’s mental state. Look for signs of friendliness and liveliness to make sure whether it is healthy. Further more, talk with the staff who takes care of dogs for any information on each dog they can give you.
  • It is recommended that you can go to the shelter when you have time and share times with dogs. You can get to know each of the dog about their characteristics and temper. Gradually they will relax and play with you. And it will build bond and cultivate feeling between you and dogs in this process of interaction.
  • Communicate with staff to know that whether the dog was a stray, or whether their owner abandon them for some reason. There are some adult dog who have been abandoned by elderly or ill. And you must be determined that you will not hurt the dog twice and not abandon it again.
  • A rescued stray dog may attack people or other dogs because of food lacks and food fight, so they may not understand social behavior and will be nervous and hostile to you. So you need to ask to see the dog in the holding area and check it first. Carrying a few dog treats which may help calm them. If things seem to be going well, ask if you can take them on a walk around the compound.
  • Last but most important, it is hard to choose the most suitable dog, so you will have to be honest with yourself about what you want. You and the dog will be each others’ companion at the rest of life. Don’t be impulsive and be sensible to make decisions. Or you can ask a professional friend who can give you some advise more objectively and comprehensive.
Pet Store

Second excellent source for get your dog is Going to a large Pet Store, which is basically available in every city. Generally speaking, there are puppy adoption activities and dog sale. The price of each adopted/sold dog can vary. You can call the nearest pet store to ask for the latest puppy adoption or breed on sale.

You need to check the conditions of pet store.

1. Choose a regular pet store with a business license.

2. When purchasing or adopting a pet, ask the pet store to show the pet’s vaccination registration certificate.

3. Check the environment in the pet store. It should be hygienic, clean and odorless. The pets sold in the store should be healthy, lively and with vaccination finished. The pet cage also should be clean and capacious.

4. The clerk should have adequate pet knowledge and can provide professional advice.

Responsible Breeder

The third excellent source for get your dog is finding a responsible breeder.

Before buying, Be sure to know comprehensive knowledge about the breed if you particularly like a certain breed. For example, standard posture, personality, habits, etc.

The best way is Attending dog shows or performance events and talk with the owners and breeders there. Try contacting with the local breed club and get to know several breeders to find out what kind of breed litters they actually have. Also, the details information of Responsible Breeders can be found on AKC official website or TICA official website which gives you a chance to learn more about the puppies such as their sire and dam.

Trust me, the more information you have, the more advantages you will get.

Meet Breeders In Person
Before meeting, check how many different breeds the breeder is breeding–
Good breeders will limit themselves to one or two related breeds (to make sure that the breed which they are producing is excellent specimens). Otherwise, the breeder may be operating what is essentially a puppy mill.

When you meet with breeders and show you around the kennel and dogs, check for cleanliness, happy dogs, no overcrowding, fine shelter/beds, nutrient dog food/treats, clear fresh water

And also there are many questions you need to know and ask:

  • Can I see the dam and sire of the little puppy?
  • Do the sire and dam have pedigree certificate?
  • If the puppy have occurred any health problem before?
  • Have the dam of this puppy previously produced before?
  • How many puppies were in the litter?
  • How often is the dam bred?
  • How many breeds have you done to date? How long have you been breeding?
  • What guarantees will you offer on your pets?
  • Have the puppies been to the vet yet? Vaccinated or not?
  • When will I take the puppy home?

Once you have decided to get a dog from a breeder, check carefully about the guarantees contracts, and write down all the question you’re not understand or disagreement. In case that some dispute occurs or something goes wrong, you have legal recourse.

Getting a puppy as if you were adopting a child. There are lot of questions&conditions you need to know and grasp. Meanwhile, a responsible breeder is also looking for a responsible “parents”

Rescue Organization

Last excellent source for get your dog is from rescue organizations run by an individual or a non-profit organization, which is usually a combination of foster family and boarding kennel. In comparison, the rescue organization is basically devoted all hearts and soul to saving pets and helping them find a new and suitable home. And the adoption fee usually is less than the cost of buying a purebred from other sources.

Generally speaking, besides the application form, the rescue organization may conduct a telephone interview or home visit to make sure whether you are suitable for getting a dog.

The advantage of get your dog from rescue organization:

1. Less adoption fee than buying

2. More information about dog’s breed history, origin, and behavior

3. The dog must have been neutered when given to you.

Adopting Instead Of Purchasing

Although there are several way to get a puppy/adult dog, it is recommended that Adoption First.

Every little cute life deserves to be respected and loved. If you make an Adoption/Buying decision, please be responsible for your pet and give it a warm home.

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