How Old is The Best Time to Bring Puppy Back Home?

Puppies are just like human babies when they are just born who are very fragile and need be took good care by their mothers. It will be too cruel to separated them too early and the survival rate of puppies will become very low.

Generally speaking, it is recommended to bring your puppy back at about 3 months. Some large dogs can be slightly advanced to about two months. Before that, let the mother dog feed her baby well. After 2/3 months, the body development of little puppy is basically completed and it can be weaned. Under the care of dog mother, the little puppies will be healthier and better. You can bring them back home at that time.

There are some points need to be noted. Because the nutrition of the puppies in these 2/3 months comes from the dam, so you need to make sure that the nutrition of the dog mother must be kept up. You can make some special meals for dog mother with higher nutrition and remember to lower the oil and salt. Also, when bringing them back home, consult the vet when you should get the puppy vaccinated.

How to Take Good Care of Little Puppy?

  1. Eating less but more meal. The puppies’ stomach is weak, and they do not know that they are hungry or full, so you need to pay special attention to them. The little puppy has a strong appetite for food, and it always eating insufficiently. But overeating is not good for their health and may even kill them. You must control the amount, better less amount but more meals. For puppy of 1-3 months, 6-7 meals per day is suitable. Puppy of 4-6 months can be reduced to 5-6 meals. After half a year, the amount can be increased slowly to extend the interval. After one year old, you can feed twice a day in the morning and evening.
  2. Calcium Supplement. Little puppies need more Calcium when they are growing. If it lacking of Calcium, it may cause of developmental retardation and bend legs. If you usually give dogs good-quality dog food, you don’t need special calcium supplements. But if it is homemade food, calcium supplementation is necessary. You can grind Animal bones and put into dog food, and feed them with calcium tablets.
  3. Vaccination. Injecting dogs regularly with Vaccinations (Rabies, Canine Distemper, Parvovirus, etc.) is a guarantee for the dog’s health and is also responsible for yourself and the society. There are many types of vaccines, you can choose according to the actual situation of your dog.
  4. Deworming. Deworming is divided into In Body and In vitro. Insect repellent in the body is generally taken pills according to dog’s body weight. It should be taken on an empty stomach. Insect Repellent in vitro is generally aimed at preventing fleas, lice, etc., and is also divided into different types. It is usually once every one month or half a month in summer , and can be done once every 2-3 months in winter.
  5. Bathing. It is best not to rush to bathe puppies when they are just brought home. The puppies physique state will be weak suddenly changed the environment and they are prone to get sick. If it is too dirty, you can consider dry cleaning with dry cleaning powder. In addition, it is best not to take a shower within a week for every vaccination.
  6. Prevent Ear Mites. Dogs’ ears are prone to get ear mites, and they must be properly prevented. You can buy liquid drops from Pet Hospitals, which can be used 1-2 times a week. In addition, be careful of water in your dog’s ears after bathing. Clean it in time and put drops to prevent ear mites.
  7. Molar Rod. Puppies often bite furniture during the period of their teeth growing, which is a necessary stage of growth. At this time, it is best to prepare the dog baby with something specifically used for grinding teeth instead of biting furniture. Such as molar biscuits, big stick bones, etc. (If you give your dog self made bone, be careful not to let the dog swallow too much bone residue to cause constipation)Remember, Don’t feed them with chicken bones.

In Conclusion, puppies are very vulnerable in their early childhood. When a puppy was brought home, you have to take good  care of it with patience and love. Although it is hard and niggling to take care of little puppy, it is also funny and heartwarming time you spend with your puppy.