Many dog parents often overlook a problem, that is, the daily dental care of dog teeth. In fact, only a very few people will clean dog’s teeth regularly. We must know that dog dental hygiene is very important. This will affect the health of the dog, so we should always pay more attention to the care of the dog’s teeth. Note the following items when cleaning dogs’ teeth:

Firstly is the bad breath. Bad breath is usually a manifestation of abnormal stomach and kidneys, but sometimes it can also cause bad breath problems due to dental diseases. Therefore, the parents must ensure the dental hygiene of the dog to prevent problems such as gingivitis and tartar. This requires parents to brush the dog’s teeth from time to time, and it is best to let them fall a habit of brushing teeth before they reach the age of 4 months. Once growing up, they will repel to brush your teeth. In addition, the dog’s toothpaste is irrelevant even if it is eaten into, so the parents do not have to worry about the adverse reactions of the dog when swallowing toothpaste. If your dog already has severe gum problems and tartar, it is best to take them to a pet hospital and let a professional vet handle it.

In the training process for dogs to adapt to brushing teeth, you should not be too hasty, especially for dogs who brush their teeth for the first time. You can first use rubber toys instead of toothbrushes to exercise them in a game, and make them comfortable. Brushing teeth will not be rejected by your dog, and you can change to a normal toothbrush after your dog gets used to it.

Secondly, a dog’s dirty teeth may cause various dog dental diseases, such as dental calculus, gingivitis and so on. It will be a very troublesome thing if your dog has dental calculus, which is very difficult to clean, time-consuming and laborious. But if it is ignored, it may cause the dog’s teeth to fall off.

Thirdly, the dog’s diet also has an important effect on dog dental health. For the dog food, you should be aware that it is not every small soft dog food is easy for the dog to chew. Because the dog’s teeth need to be ground, so it is appropriate to give the dog some rough food. It will help the dog’s teeth to be strong and clean. In addition, you should supplement some vitamins and cellulose to dogs. You can feed them some fruits and vegetables, and you can prepare some snacks. Many dog snacks have the effect of cleaning and grinding teeth.

Here care ways to brush your dog’s teeth:

You can apply an antiplaque liquid or gel, such as Chlorhexidine to the gum tissue with a cotton ball or swab.

As an alternative, use a soft bristle toothbrush or finger brush with a non-foaming enzymatic toothpaste manufactured for dogs.

Unhealthy dog teeth will not only produce bad breath, but also affect the dog’s appetite and health. In the long run, it will cause malnutrition in the dog, resulting in frailty and sickness. Therefore, we must pay attention to the dental health of the dogs, regularly do dog dental care, or you can take your dog to pet hospital for professional tooth cleaning. It is best to brush the dogs’ teeth every day.

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