The dog ears canal is very different from that of a human being. The human ear canal is straight, but the dog’s ear canal is “L” shaped, so their ear canal is divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. It is a kind of protection for dog ears, which is not conducive to the entry of small bugs. In other hand, this also make the clean-up work difficult.

1. It is relatively simple to clean the ears of dogs with less severe earwax. First of all, you have to push aside the hair around the dog’s ears, use a cotton swab dipped in ear oil to directly apply to the dog’s ears, and slowly apply it. Because of its special ear canal, there is no need to worry about touching its eardrum. Then massage the dog’s ear roots, make the ear oil evenly distributed in the ear, and finally clean the ear oil with a clean cotton ball.

2. If your dog’s earwax is dry and hard, first wipe the external ear canal with a cotton ball moistened with alcohol, and then use a pet-specific eardrop to drip on the earwax. After the earwax softens, gently remove it with small tweezers or just wipe the softened earwax directly with a cotton swab.

3. Some dog ears are long, which will easily become inflamed. For this, you can use special anti-inflammatory ear drops three times a day, two to three drops at one time is enough. Ear drops flow into the dog’s ear, and then give the dog a massage to help the absorption of the agent. If your dog’s ears have not improved after using ear drops for three days, you need to take him go to the hospital.

4. Some dogs can easily accumulate water in their ear canals. Bathing is the most likely to cause water accumulation, so when you bathe your dog, be sure to put a large cotton in your dog ’s ear to prevent water from flowing into. In addition, you should pay attention to it when swimming and playing with water. If it is found late or its ears may have bacteria infection or inflammation. So you should check the water in the ear canal after playing with the dog or taking a bath. If there is, it must be dealt with in time.

Only the pet doctor knows the safest and most effective treatment, so don’t hesitate to call him. Of course, taking traditional common sense precautions is very important to ensure the health of dog ears. Make sure the ears are clean, dry and out of foreign matter.

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