After taking deeply consideration, you have decided to get a dog or puppy. Before getting a dog, there are lots of things and dog supply you need to know and prepare for it:

Dog Supply-Necessities:

  1. Dog Cage/Bedding First you can use this as dog’s house for better training; When your little puppy is much more familiar with its new home, free your puppy and buy a cotton bed for it so that it can sleep well and comfortable.
  2. Water Dispenser/Bowl- Choose the right type according to your house condition; It is recommended that choosing a drinking device with a nipple-type spout, which can prevent water from being polluted by dogs and provide fresh and sanitary drinking water at any time. This type of drinking device is also convenient for hanging on the cage.
  3. Dog Food/Treats- Shop around and make some comparison to choose the best and suitable food for your dog. If you are going to get a puppy, it is recommended that choosing the type of food with adequate calcium and protein which puppy needs more in its growing period; As to the treats, you can buy some dog can and biscuit as reward. Or you can make some by yourself if you have enough time.
  4. Food Bowl- Choose the right size and material bowl for your dog; In general, Ceramic or metal food dishes bowl is the best choice for breeding. Plastic bowl is more easily to get scratches which is a good place to generate and attach baterias and other pathogens. This increases the chance for your dog to get sick. And these scratches are harder to clean than you think, even regular cleaning and  disinfection will not guarantee your dog’s health. So the ideal material for dogs’ dishes is food grade ceramic or metal(stainless steel is the best)
  5. Carrying Box/Case-You will use it when taking your dog outdoor travel or hospital for health examination; You can prepare one case at home in case that you need to take it out.
  6. Dog Teethers You can buy many types of teether toys for them which can be put food inside so as to control dogs’ eating habit; Also, dogs will bite your furniture in its teeth growing period, so you’d better to prepare some molar rod for your dog to protect your sofa or other furniture.
  7. Pet ID- Others will easily get in touch with you in case your dog is missing when wearing ID board; It is safety for your dog and also means important for your dog that it is one part in your family.  
  8. Dog Grooming Brush Comb- It can help you to groom for your dog to remove shedding hair and massage for your dog which is good for preventing skin disease;
  9. Dog Collar&Leash-They can keep your dog from running around and assure safety when you walking outside. It is safety and important for your dog in case missing or walking on the street.

Dog Supply-Others:

Tools for Removing Dental Calculus

Medicines for Skin Disease

Medicines for Eyes Problem

Bathing Shampoo

Dog Car Restraint

Dog Clothes

And so on…

These things are not necessary and you can prepare according to your needs. Other questions about dog supply, you can contact us!

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