Whether it is for dog chewing toys playing or other purpose, you can prepare several toys for the dog. Toys can help dogs learn better, eliminate stress, and brush their teeth, etc. Below I want share some pros of toys and how to choose toys.

The Pros of Dog Chewing Toys

Relieve Stress: Every owner knows better on how important of going out for a walk everyday for dogs, but not everyone has enough time. Once you are not free to take your dog out for a walk, playing with bite toys can also help dog to release the pressure.

Prevent Dogs From Damaging Furniture: Once a dog feels pressure, it will inevitably damage furniture, slippers and other household items, and implement various unexpected house demolition behaviors. So chewing toys can also prevent dogs from vandalizing behaviors.

Tooth-brushing Effect: There are many chew toys have effect of removing tartar (plaque). Although it is not as effective as the owner’s daily help to brush teeth, it is a good choice if the dog likes it.

How to Choose Dog Chewing Toys:

Choose toys which are suitable for dog’s age and body type: For puppies or older dogs with weaker jaw, you should not choose toys that are too resilient, which will cause greater pressure for your dog. For strong big dogs, do not choose too small toys, which is likely to be swallowed by them

According to the age of the dog, choose a toy that is suitable for the dog’s body and mouth size. Generally, all the information will be listed on the package, including the toy’s size, hardness, and what type of dog are suitable. Therefore, you must read the instruction manual carefully when choosing a toy!

Choose toys of appropriate hardness: Dogs are very strong chewy animals; Therefore, you should choose the appropriate hardness toy, otherwise the dog may hurt their teeth. Sometime you may haven’t noticed that the dog’s upper molars may be worn out. So it is not recommended that chewing toy you chosen is harder than the dog’s teeth.

Choose toys with safe materials: Among toys of appropriate hardness, wooden toys are a good choice, but every coins has two sides. The dogs are likely to eat small wood chips. Therefore, it is safest to choose toys that do not contain preservatives and are harmless even if being swallowed.

Choose toys with different flavors: In addition to popular flavors such as bacon flavor and deep-fried sauce flavor, there are various flavors such as fruit flavor. Besides, make sure the material is the safest to dogs

Recommend materials suitable for dog chewing toys:

Bark: As a natural material bark that is easy to chew and not too hard, it is a very popular material in toy making.

Cloth, cotton rope: Reassuring cloth toys include rag dolls, cloth balls, etc. This material will make a sound when it bites, and there are many shapes to choose from. So this is also a very popular material. Of course, when choosing a cotton rope-like toy, it should be noted that it is moderately hard, strong and durable, washed.

Natural rubber: There are many choices for the shape of this kind of toys, such as ball type and bone type. The recommended reason is that it is strong and can be cleaned.

Non-toxic nylon: which is also known as synthetic fiber, so it is not food, but eating a small amount has no effect on the body and can be excreted naturally.

Natural materials: Toys made of natural materials such as deer bones and cow hooves, which are very chewy and durable. They are very popular with the owners of large dogs.

Playing Safety with Dog Chewing Toys:

Make sure to carefully check the precautions and instructions on the product packaging to ensure the safety of the dog before buying a chew toy.

You should pay attention when your dog is playing with the toy. Regardless of the size and hardness of the toy, it is likely to be eaten by dogs which will cause serious effects.

After your dog’s playing with the toys, you must store it away, wash it and put it out of reach of dog. Pay attention to keeping the toys clean and hygienic.

Train your dog to let go of toys: It’s not good for dogs to indulge in toys. Therefore, you can train your dogs to follow your instructions and to let toys go when appropriate.

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