If we want our cats to grow healthily, we should first establish a reasonable diet structure. Therefore, we need to confirm how much to cat food fed to your cat every day to ensure its healthy and happy growth.

Why do cats need wet food?

It is proved that cats should eat one or more meals with mostly wet ingredients. There are several reasons. First, cats are obligate carnivores. Dry cat food will contain more carbohydrates than wet foods, which will negatively affect cats. Second, most cats do not like drinking water very much, which often puts them on the verge of dehydration. Wet food can provide more water in the diet.

Should we feed our cat dry food?

First of all, confirm the type of cat feeding. It is the best to replace all foods with wet cat food. While some cats like dry foods, it would be unhealthy if they were fed only wet foods. Feeding dry and wet cat food requires some scientific calculations to ensure that your cat gets the right amount of calories. If the proportion of dry food is relatively high, you should pay attention to the cat’s water intake.

Once the ratio is confirmed, it is time to calculate the calories of the food.

How much wet food does your cat need?

Your cat’s requirement of calories depends on several factors, and weight plays a decisive role. It is important to confirm the physical condition of cat. A thin, tall and muscular big cat who has a healthy weight of 5 kg may needs more calories to maintain a healthy body. However, an overweight cat weighing 5 kg definitely needs fewer calories. Overweight cats should be fed according to their reasonable weight, not their actual weight.

The determinant of Calories are also Age and activities quantitative. A growing kitten needs more calories than an adult or senior cat. An active cat who runs and plays often require more calories than a cat  who stays sedentary and sleep most of the time. Lactating mother cats need extra calories to produce cat milk and stay healthy.

If you want to accurately calculate the Calories that fed to cat, then first of all calculate how many calories the cat needs. The following provides general guidelines for cats’ nutritional needs:


Every 1 kg of body weight requires about 100 calories per day (after weaning).

Thin cat

A thin 2 kg cat needs about 170 calories per day.

A thin 5 kg cat needs about 280 calories per day.

A thin 7 kg cat needs about 360 calories per day.

A thin 9 kg cat needs about 440 calories per day.

Overweight cat

Cat overweight 5 kg needs about 240 calories per day.

Cat overweight 7 kg needs about 280 calories per day.

Cat overweight 9 kg needs about 310 calories per day.

Pregnant / Lactating cat

A 2 kg pregnant or nursing cat needs about 336 calories per day.

A 5 kg pregnant or nursing cat needs about 603 calories per day.

A 7 kg pregnant or nursing cat needs about 851 calories per day.

A 9 kg pregnant or nursing cat needs about 1,091 calories per day.

Cat Food Guides

The feeding recommendations on the packaging are acceptable. You need to adjust the feeding amount according to the cat’s reaction. If you do not want your cat to gain or lose weight, you should adjust the amount of feeding as he needed. If the cat looks very hungry and does not gain weight, it is acceptable to increase the feeding amount appropriately.

A happy and healthy cat should maintain a good weight and remain active. Properly feeding method will not make your cat always feel hungry and will maintain a healthy weight for your cat.

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