When The Best Time to Bring kitten Back Home?

Kittens are just like human babies when they are just born who are very fragile and need be took good care by their mothers. It will be too cruel to separated them too early and the survival rate of kittens will become very low.

Generally speaking, it is recommended to bring your kitten back at about 50-70 days old. Before that, let the mother cat feed her baby well. After 50-70 days, the body development of little cat is basically completed and it can be weaned. Under the care of cat mother, the little cat will be healthier and better. You can bring them back home at that time.

There are some points need to be noted. Because the nutrition of the kittens comes from the dam, so you need to make sure that the nutrition of the cat mother must be kept up. You can make some special meals for cat mother with higher nutrition and remember to lower the oil and salt. Also, when bringing them back home, consult the vet when you should get the kittens vaccinated.

How to Take Good Care of Little Kitten?

1. Scientific and Balanced Diet: The nutrients needed by cats include protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, etc. Growing kittens especially need large amounts of high-quality animal protein and fat. In order to provide them with a balanced diet, the most scientific way is to buy high-quality cat food. There are two kinds of cat food: dry and wet. You can choose according to kitten’s preference and the right ratio between wet and dry food. Kittens should eat kitty food and feed on the principle of eating less but more meals at about 3 to 4 times a day, and do not forget to provide clean drinking water to them at any time.

2. Deworming. Deworming in the body can be started at 6 weeks of age. In addition, it is best to repeat the inspection every 4-6 weeks according to recommendation of vet; Insect Repellent in vitro is generally aimed at preventing fleas, lice, etc. The little cat should be dewormed at 8 weeks old and carried out twice before adulthood under a clean and hygienic living environment.

3. Vaccination. After 2-3 months birthing, you can get your little cat vaccinated. Injecting regularly with Vaccinations (Nobivac Tricat vaccine and Rabies Vaccine) is a guarantee for the cat’s health and is also responsible for yourself and the society.

4. Bathing. It is best not to rush to bathe little cat when they are just brought home. The kittens’ physique state will be weak suddenly changed the environment and they are prone to get sick. When you take your little cat home, make sure the bed or nest is warm enough to help keep your little cat from cold at night.

5. Prevent Ear Mites. Cat’s ears are prone to get ear mites, and they must be properly prevented. You can buy liquid drops from Pet Hospitals, which can be used 1-2 times a week. In addition, be careful of water in ears after bathing. Clean it in time and put drops to prevent ear mites.

6. Toys: Prepare some toys for your cat, such as teaser,  scratching box, climber, cat ball, or something else to bond with your little cat. It’s important. Creating a strong, positive bond with your new kitten will allow them to grow into a confident adult cat who feels secure and happy in their new home.

In general, kittens are very vulnerable in their early childhood. When a little cat was brought home, you have to take good care of it with patience and love. Although it is hard and niggling to take care of little kitten, it is also funny and heartwarming time you spend with your kitten.

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