Cat Bond ways: Cats are unique animals. They have their own set of methods and principles for dealing with people. The same is true of accepting their masters. They have their own standards. Unlike the dog’s passionate and unrestrained nature, cats are relatively low-key and restrained. Therefore, many novice shovel officers always feel that cats are very arrogant and indifferent, and even difficult to access.

In fact, as long as you spend some time and effort to win the trust of the cat, it is still very easy to establish an intimate relationship with the cat. Here today will share some tips to help you bond intimate relationship with your beloved cats:

Cat Bond: Know cat’s personality

To establish an intimate relationship with your own cat, the owner needs to spend time observing and understanding the cat’s personality and behavior. For cats with different personalities, you need to use different methods and patience to narrow the distance. Learning to understand the character of your own cat will make you better understand its needs, thus making the establishment of intimate relationships more effective.

Cat Bond: Play with your cat

Undoubtedly, the best and most effective way to establish an intimate relationship with your cat is to play with it. This will make your cat feel that it is a very happy thing to be with you, and playing together help improve your cat’s physical and mental health. Therefore, experts recommend that you can spend at least 5 to 10 minutes every day on playing with your cat. You can arrange the playing time at night, so that the cat will fall asleep more easily after tired.

Cat Bond: Caress Your Cat

It is very simple but very effective in this way. As long as you pet the cat regularly, you can make it love you more and more. For example, patting its head or giving it a long hug on the sofa before going out is a good way to bring you closer.

Cat Bond: Groom Your Cat Regularly

Cats are very fond of combing and grooming hair! Like caress, grooming hair will make them feel safe and comfortable and help keep the cat’s skin and hair hygienic and healthy. In addition, you can also check the cat for scratches or bruises while grooming. Because the cat is likely to be injured without your attention, it is important to detect and treat these wounds in time.

Cat Bond: Never hit or yell at your cat

In addition to making them dislike or fear you, beating them will not make them realize their mistakes as dogs do, but will only adversely affect the establishment of your lasting relationship. Most cat experts recommend that if you want your cat to be aware of her mistakes, you can keep the cat alone. It can effectively deliver the punishment message to the cat without destroying the relationship.

Cat Bond: Feed your Cat

In addition to playing with cats, feeding cats can be regarded as the simplest and most direct way to strengthen relationships between you and your cat. But simply keeping food outside does not strengthen the relationship. Compared to putting food outside, you can let the cat know that it is because you have food. Let the cat watch you feed and form a habit every day, so that the cat will expect you to feed every day, treat you as a food giver whom it musts respect and please.

Cat Bond: Talk to Your Cat

Talk to your cat often when you have time, and it will start to understand certain things you say, especially its name. When talking to your cat, be gentle and soft as it can read your emotions and so that it will be willing to get closer with you.

Cat Bond: Be Patient to your Cat

The last but most important is that you should have enough patience while trying to understand and build relationships with your cat. Depending on the different personality of the cat, the time required to build trust and let the cat be relax when you are around will vary. Especially if the cat you adopt is abandoned, you need more patience and love to make it believe people again. Although it is not easy to make a loving and intimate relationship with a cat, it is worth the wait and effort to make such a cute cat to be a friend or family member around you.

While most cat owners love cats, they also feel the love from cats. Most of us need to be cared for by others, and so do cats. Although cats are more willing to live independently, they will be happier and live longer if someone can accompany them.

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