Not all cats want their space. Some cuddly felines are totally into you—and aren’t afraid to show their love. If you are searching for a cuddly companion? Following cat breeds are known for being especially affectionate:

Cat Breeds: Birman

With striking wistful blue eyes and a lush, cute button nose, silky coat, the Birman is a certified beauty. One look and you’re done. How could you not want to cuddle? Luckily, the Birman is totally up for that and will beckon you to the sofa for snuggle time. Patient, intuitive and laid back, the Birman enjoys the company of adults, children and other animals.

Cat Breeds: Siamese

When you think of Siamese cats, you probably think of their deep blue eyes and affinity for “talking” via high-pitched yowling. The Siamese is at the top of almost everyone’s list as affectionate cat. This chatty kitty is almost always ready to play or snuggle with his favorite person. Smart and curious, Siamese make exceptional companions. You can see incomparable love toward their human in their eyes beautiful eyes.

Cat Breeds: Scottish Fold

Famously known cute Scottish Folds are friendly and adorable. The breed is renowned for being gentle, quiet and affectionate. They are very loving and willing to be with their special person every minute that they can. Scottish Folds like to follow their families around, and are known to be patient and tolerant with children.

It’s important to note that not all Scottish Folds have the signature downturned ears. Some kittens remain just as sweet and affectionate as their folded ear peers even though they never developed the namesake ear shape.

Cat Breeds: American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is another breed that’s easy to live with and good in an active household. Mostly laid back and easygoing, the American Shorthair tends to be affectionate without being needy. They also loves to play. With a little training, you may even be able to teach your American Shorthair some easy tricks. If you train your American Shorthair early, he will even do well traveling in a carrier, so this breed often does well when traveling with their owners.

Cat Breeds: Burmese

The Burmese is the cat who acts like a Labrador retriever. It loves to play fetch and is super outgoing. And like Labradors, Burmese are highly social and love to have conversations with their humans. If you adopt a Burmese, you’ll have a constant and long lifetime companion. The playful, people-oriented cat is known for being a great family pet. They are very social and No one will be alone if there is a Burmese in the house.

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