It can be really fun to watch the different ways your cat acts. One of the most common is when a cat hides. Plenty of loving owners get concerned that hiding is a sign something is wrong. Well, that’s not always the case. By learning more about the potential reasons why cats hide, you can know the best way to respond.

Normal Reasons a Cats Hide:

Comfort – As we all know, cats love to squeeze themselves into comfy little spots which keeps them warm and makes them feel secure. Sometimes he’s just looking for the coziest spot to curl up in and have a nap.

Natural instinct – Does your cat like to play “cat and mouse”? What better place to wait for his prey than somewhere hidden. If your cat has regular hiding places, be on the alert when you walk past with bare ankles.

Strangers in House – If you notice that your cat always disappears when someone new comes over, that’s because they don’t like strangers

More Serious Reasons Why Cats Hide:

Fear or Anxious – It may be that a loud noise has frightened him, or there’s a bunch of people in the house suddenly that he doesn’t know. Or you cat gets stress and anxious In that case, it’s natural for your cat to want to find somewhere safe and secure to curl up. Give your cat some time to adjust or give him some favourite treats.

Illness – It’s natural for a cat to hide if he’s feeling ill. In the wild, any show of weakness could mean he goes from the hunter to the hunted, so if he’s sick he’s likely to want to hide away.

Pregnancy – Cats may also hide due to pregnancy. This is a natural protective instinct, so the important thing is providing a safe place where the mother cat can feel at ease. Ideally, you need to create a space that’s quiet but still easy to access for pregnant cat.

Besides, you need to pay more attention to the places where your cats hide behind. Under the car, under the hood or under the wheel arch, are very common and dangerous places for cats to hide. Some household appliances could be fatal to your cat. So before using washing machine or dryer, check it careful.

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