While cats are very efficient self-groomers, they still need a little help from their pet parents. This need increases as your cat ages and loses her agility and mobility. Obese cats also have a harder time reaching their nether regions. The cat grooming not only keeps cats clean and healthy, but also prevents many cat diseases. So, what are the cat grooming tasks?

Cat Ear Health

If your cat is healthy, you need not pay more attention to its ears. Check the ears for dirt, and use a cotton ball dipped in olive oil to remove the dirt. If a cat keeps scratching his ears, he is likely to suffer from ear disease and see if there are black wax marks on his ears. Another reason cats always scratch their ears may be that their ears are blocked by earwax. If the cat continues to scratch, it should be diagnosed by a veterinarian.

Cat Grooming – Eye Care

Dirt around the cat’s eyes can be simply wiped off: soak a piece of cotton in warm water and gently wipe off the dirt. Cat eyes should keep bright and clean. If there is inflammation or secreta, your cat may have serious health problems.

Cat Grooming-Washing Face

Long-haired cats are often prone to clogged tear glands. When this happens, tears flow onto the cheeks, leaving unsightly black marks on the face. In order to remove the stains, a cotton ball should be dipped in light saline and the hair on the cheeks should be wiped. If this problem occurs frequently, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian.

Check Cat’s Mouth

Check the tartar on cat teeth. Ideally, brush your cat’s teeth once a week to prevent the formation of tartar. However, your cat may refuse this dignified treatment. If this happens, it is necessary to ask the veterinarian to remove tartar and polish it every year.

Trim Cat Nails

If you need to trim the cat’s nails, you should hold the cat tightly on your lap and use your fingers to press the cat’s palm so that the cat’s claws extend forward. Check the cat’s paw carefully. Be careful of the quick of the cat’s nails, do not trim its quick or it will bleed.

Cat Grooming- Hair Brushing and Combing

The most important part of your cat’s beauty routine is to provide regular brushing or combing. This will help keep shedding under control and also prevent your cat from ingesting too much loose hair, which causes hairballs, and can also cause serious intestinal blockages. Shedding is a normal, natural event in your cat’s life. Both short- and long-haired cats shed. Some breeds shed more than others.

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