If the cat ears are not cleaned regularly, it is easy to get sick and ear mite. Especially cats with ear mites must be cleaned regularly, but cats generally do not cooperate well. What should we do to clean cat’s ear well and successfully?

Pacify Your Cat and Calm it Down

You can use some treats your cats’ favorite to attract its attention. This method is very effective for most cats. If it is those cats who are stubborn, they can be wrapped directly with a small blanket to make it unable to move and fixing it’s body.

Clean the Outer Contour of Cat Ears

After fixing the cat’s body, gently pull up the cat’s ears, use a cotton swab to dip some baby oil or ear drops oil, and gently wipe the earwax and cerumen of the outer pinna of the ear of the cat. Don’t hurt the cat.

Cat Ears Drops

Drop the cat ears wash for cats into their ears, and then gently rub the base of the cat’s ears with your hands for a short period of time. Loosen the cat and it will shake its head to get the dirty things out.

Clean the Outer Pinna with Cotton Swab or Paper Towel

After the cat shook his head, wipe off the dirt on the outer pinna with a cotton swab or paper towel. Be careful not to set the cotton swab too deep, and be careful Not to damage the cat tympanic membrane.

Other Daily Cat Ears Care

There are other daily tasks that also need to be done by the cat parents, such as environmental hygiene. This is because these conditions may affect the cat’s ears. After all, the dirty environment is not good at all aspects of development of the cat. It is vital to keep home and cat toys or bedding clean and hygiene. Ear mites are a common type of ear canal parasite. So it is necessary and important to do the deworming work for cats on time.

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