The most popular dog breeds in USA are Labrador Retriever, German shepherd, Golden Retriever, French bulldog and Bulldog;

Following are the characteristics about these 5 dog breeds:

Dog Breeds: Labrador Retriever

The AKC recognizes 3 coat colors in Labradors: black, yellow, and chocolate. Sometimes there is a small white marking on the chest. It is controlled by two groups of genes, one group controls black and yellow, and the other group controls the nose color in black and pink. In terms of popularity, black Labrador Retrievers are the most popular, followed closely by chocolate Labradors and then yellow. The Labrador coat is short and glossy, and slightly oily, allowing them to dry fast after swimming. Labradors also have webbing between their toes, which contributes to their ability to be powerful swimmers. Labradors are stocky, with big heads and short hair. Their earflaps hang down, and they have a long, powerful tail, which also aids them in the water.

The Labrador personality is one of the things that attracts many people to the breed. Labradors are some of the most social dogs out there. It is a fairly balanced and very comprehensive breed, suitable for many functions and also a good pet. They are easy to train and are a highly compliant dog breed. They are loyal partners worth sharing your love. They are very friendly dogs, especially for children. Usually they do not have the troublesome characteristics that appear in other dogs, such as: floor space, unsafe, aggressive, destructive, irregularly sensitive, etc. Dogs, as the name suggests, are excellent retrievers. In addition, they instinctively like to hold things, even palms and arms, in their mouths in a rather gentle and gentle manner. They like to chew things (of course they can be trained not to do this). The fur of the Labrador Retriever is waterproof to a certain extent, so they can be widely used for hunting waterbirds.

Dog Breeds: German Shepherd

With strong, agile and well-muscled features, the German Shepherd are longer than they are tall. It has the appearance of high physical capacity and mental alertness. They have a loping stride that easily covers ground to satisfy working demands. Their back and hind legs are slightly angled and they have long, bushy tails.

German Shepherds usually have a black and tan coat in strong, rich colors. Other coat varieties can include solid black or solid sable, hues of red, and a number of combinations. They commonly have black masks on their muzzles and a black saddle patch over their backs. They have a long muzzle, square head and erect, pointed ears.

German Shepherds are loyal and renowned to be confident, fearless, and suspicious and alert of potential dangers. Careful breeding made them ready and willing to seize the bad guys, whether wolves in the flock or enemy troops. They’re eager to do whatever duty appointed. There are working and companion or ‘show’ bloodlines that influence the intensity of an individual dog.

Dog Breeds: Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever are symmetrical, powerful, and well-balanced. The eyebrows are clearly defined, the distance between the eyes is wide, and the eyes are dark brown, black and bright. The nose is black. It has a strong upper jaw, which is fully shear bite. The front and back limbs are strong and muscular. The feet are round and firm like cat feet. The body is well-proportioned, the chest is thick, and the back and waist muscles are strong. The tail is kept parallel to the back, the tail is curled or rolled up towards the back, but the strength is slightly worse.

The Golden Retriever is one of the most common domestic dogs. It is easy to keep, patient, and does not require much from the owner. As long as you exercise regularly, food and veterinary medical examination will be enough. It is a well-proportioned, powerful, and lively dog breed. It is characterized by its stability, reasonable coordination of all parts of the body, legs that are neither too long nor clumsy, friendly expressions, enthusiastic personality, alertness, confidence, and fearless of life. The Golden Retriever was originally a retriever, mostly as guide dogs and pet dogs. Golden Retriever is very smart and very humorous. Under normal circumstances, there is no discrimination against other dogs or humans. Very kind to children or babies. The Golden Retriever is the fourth in the ranking of dog breeds in the world.

Dog Breeds: French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a lively, smart, and muscular small hefty breed dog with smooth coat, compact structure, and medium or smaller body. They are easily recognized by their big, bat-eared heads, and short, stocky legs and a short “brachycephalic” muzzle. The expression looks alert, curious and interested

They’re broader at the shoulder than the hip, with slightly longer back legs, and have a short, nubby tail. They have a thick neck that is well arched with loose skin. They have a single layer fur coat that comes in nine colors, but is most commonly seen in brindle, fawn, white, and black, or a combination of those four.

French Bulldog are brave, sensitive, calm, smart, and emotional. They are relaxed and affectionate, though sometimes aloof or reserved around strangers. They have a serious, stoic appearance that belies their comical nature. They can be stubborn, territorial, and people-possessive, traits which need to be mediated during their early years.

Dog Breeds: Bulldog

The Bulldog is a medium sized dog with a broad, powerful muscular body, and a large head. The thick legs are able to support its weight, with the overall appearance being a dog of strength. The Bulldog have very large, wide and square head. The head is high and the distance from the nasal endoscope to the posterior occipital bone is quite short. The forehead is fairly flat and the face is neither protruding nor sagging. The cheeks are round and protrude to the sides beyond the eyes. The face, starting from the front of the cheek bones to the tip of the nose, is extremely short. The muzzle is very short and wide, turning up, from the corner of the eye to the corner of the mouth. The tail is naturally short and held low and close to the body.

Bulldogs have a short coat, which is fine and glossy. The AKC recognizes the Bulldog in several different coat colors, including red, white, fallow, fawn, or any of these colors combined together. They also recognize several patterns such as piebald, brindle, black masks, ticking, and a small portion of solid black in the piebald.

Bulldogs are great with children, and are highly protective of the smaller members of the family. They are loyal, affectionate dogs that adore their owners. Despite their bulky build, they are often known for being “clown-like” providing with amusement for their owners. Bulldogs will greet their owners with enthusiasm, wagging their stubby tails and backsides enthusiastically before happily spreading out on the sofa.

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