Puppy Potty Training should be one of the first things you should do when you get a puppy. This will help avoid any messes the puppy might make and the cleaning up that follows them. However, with the steps below and a pinch of patience, you can have your dog potty trained quickly! In puppy potty training, it is important that you make it clear on where you want the puppy to eliminate.

Know Your Puppy Body

For puppies, they can hold their bladder at most 1 hour per month of age. This means a 2-month old puppy can hold his potty for a maximum of 2 hours as a rule of thumb. Be sure to never let your dog go more than 8 hours without a potty break to prevent hurting their bladder!

Figure Out the Sign of Going Potty

Any time the puppy shows these signs includes going round in circles, restlessness or sniffing, it is a sign that they want to go potty.

Decide the Potty Area

At first, you can place some paper on the floor of the house and designate it as a potty area. Also you can choose to take your puppy to a specific location, or you can buy a potty and place it in a crate. Secondly, always bring the puppy there once you found it want to eliminate when a fixed place is chosen. It will help the puppy understand the routine quickly.

Set a Schedule

When puppy potty training, you should set a schedule that best suits your puppy. Puppies need to eliminate after meals, when they wake up from sleep and after play. This means that if you feed the puppy more times you need to take him to potty more. Puppies will normally eliminate about 5-15 minutes after activities such as eating and drinking, playing, or waking up from a nap. Thus take your puppy to the potty area during this time. Make it a habit to take your puppy to the potty area when you wake up in the morning and after the puppy has had his meals. Long time schedule setting down will make the routine be embedded in your puppy’s memory. And after that, never forget to praise a puppy with some treat that goes to potty correctly.

Keep the Potty Area Clean and Tidy

When there is accident happened, do not punish your puppy and take the puppy to the potty area and let him have a sniff. After that, cleaning up the mess and ensure that the area is free from odour. Dogs have a very strong sense of smell, and puppies are no different. If not cleaned up properly, an accident spot may attract your puppy to come back and go there again.

It is not that hard for puppy potty training. With the above tips and some patience and lots of love and praise, your little puppy will going right potty on track in no time.

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