Cat Adoption: Speaking of why you should start a cat, many people may resonate because of loneliness. Compared to dogs, cats are indeed more suitable for novice players. Cats are much lighter body odor and do not need to be bathed as frequently as dogs. And a little less need for companionship than dogs. Speaking of getting a kitten or cat, we are more concerned about the cat adoption rather than purchasing. Most families choose to adopt stray cats. They don’t care much about the breeds and appearance of cats.

But before adoption, we all need to know more about the type and ways to adopt a cat. Here we put more emphasis on Animal Shelter.

Shelter is divided into three types as following. Understanding their differences will give you a better understanding of the pets you will adopt.

Animal shelter (also known as Animal Services or Animal control)

Most animal shelter are located in local city. Most of the problems are faced for shelter is that a large number of pets will come in every day. Shelter with the “open door” policy will not throw away any animals that come in. This means that the number of animals raised is much greater than the number of animals adopted. Some shelters will euthanize a group of animals to provide space for new animals. Generally, the adoption fees for the cats and dogs in the shelter are fixed, regardless of age and size.

When you come to cat adoption, you may not understand the history of this pet. There are pet related information outside each cage, such as name, age, gender, general character description, etc. It is best to bring family members together (as required) and spend time with the animal you want to adopt. You can stand outside the fence to observe or apply to accompany the staff to take the animals to a small open space.

Cat Adoption: SPCA or Humane Society

Such organizations are also independent of each other. Generally speaking, they prefer to rescue pets suffering from disasters and illnesses, rather than providing shelter, so usually they will find foster families to provide shelter for pets until the pets are adopted. In this way, the pet’s character and behavior patterns will be fully understood.

Adoption costs are also relatively fixed. If you are not sure whether you can keep a pet, you can apply for a foster family of SPCA and give yourself a chance to be tested.

Cat Adoption: Rescue

The Rescue organization can be an individual or a non-profit organization, which is usually a combination of foster family and boarding kennel. In comparison, the rescue organization is basically devoted to saving pets and helping them find home, which will cost more energy and money.

Cat Adoption fees are also slightly higher. Because the animal’s history, source, and behavior are all known. Generally speaking, in addition to the application form, the rescue organization may conduct a telephone interview or home visit (adjusted according to the animal you want to adopt).

Similarly, the rescue organization guarantees that if the animal has any disease or accident, if you cannot bear it, you can return it to them, and they will go to treatment and rescue. Never give up or euthanize animals at will.

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