The feelings of cats are actually very rich and sensitive. And kitten meow are more complicated. Although they are all “meowing”, they may means different totally. Cats have their own special sound system, and each meow represents a different emotion.

According to the findings and conclusions of zoology, cat meow can be roughly summarized into following seven types. The meanings expressed in these are: I am angry, I am scared, I am very painful, ask for care, follow me, and feel safe , I want to bite you.

I am very angry

This kind of anger often occurs in the battle between cats, such as cats in estrus, the mating selection competition between male cats, male cats are attracted by the smell of female cats in heat, a large number of clustering, are very unfamiliar and vigilant. Due to excessive hormonal collisions, they begin to vent their hostility, and they will make hostile yelling. This kind of voice is more unpleasant, usually “roaring”, “low growling”, “long crying”, Even “screaming”.

I’m scared

When the cat is afraid, they will 100% find a corner to hide, and then keep quiet, there is no reason to make other sounds. But when the cat feels that there’s no way to hide (such as when shrinking into the corner, you are ready to touch it), and a relatively low “howling” will sound, like “hissing”, “hissing roar”, the consciousness at this time is: “Don’t come over here. If you come over, I will fight for the dead even though I am afraid.

If you still has to reach out and touch your cat when he is hiding in the corner. You will definitely be scratched or bitten by your cat. So be sure to judge the expression of the cat’s emotions.

I am very painful

When the cat is in pain, it will also make a special yelling. You can pinch the cat’s tail to try it. The cat will immediately scream. This sound can be described as “screaming” according to the level of the pain. The screaming “wailing” expresses the cat’s inner pain. After the cats are mated, such meowing can often be heard.

Beg for concern

This is the most common use of cats in daily life. The most familiar cat meow is also a lot of meanings in different situations, but the general expression means: “Come and care about me, miss you. “. When the cat is young, the kitten meows through this naive way, asking the mother cat to breast him or groom him. After adulthood, this has not changed.

According to the change of different sounds, it also expresses different needs at various levels. “Meowing” can be subdivided into the following expressions: Praying meowing, Demanding meowing, Complaining meowing, Anxious meowing; A soft and monotonous meowing when your cat wants to go out; A pitiful and prolonged meowing when your cat wants to come in in rainy days; A full expectant meowing when your cat hearing the canned food being opened.

Follow me

This kind of cat meow comes from the mother cat. This kind of cat meow is to train the kitten to learn hunting skills, life methods, etc. When mother cats who have been away for a long time and come back to see kittens, they will also use this voice to greet the kittens.

After the cat grows up, it inherits the characteristics of the cat’s mother’s behavior. Sometimes in the eyes of the cat, we are her “child”, so the cat sometimes kills some mice or birds and gives them to us. They are not for gratitude. Instead, they are training us to learn hunting skills, which is why cats use this meowing to us so that make us concentrate on “listening”.

Feel Safe and Enjoy

This kind of cat meow is the famous “snoring”. The cat squeezes the unique sound formed by the air between the diaphragms. It does not need cat to “open” mouth for this kind of sound. The main message this sound to us is “It’s really good to have you, I am very comfortable and safe”.

I wanna bite you

When the cat is looking for food and prey, there will be a relatively low-pitched sound, and when the cat sees the bird flying outside the window, it will also make this sound, which is a kind of sound of grinding teeth. This kind of “tuck” sound is not easy to detect, but it can notify other cats to catch prey together, which is a kind of assembly expression signal.

In summary, these are the seven most important expressions that cat meow means. Cats are emotionally rich and are often expressed through meowing and yelling. You must always observe and study carefully to know what your cat wants to say. Know more better about your cat meow, and you will bond a better relationship with your feline companion!

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