In order to get along well with humans more harmoniously, dog parents must carry out some social dog training. These social training include prohibiting urination everywhere, no barking, and no biting strangers, etc. Following will share 5 dog training tips with you. After mastering these skills, you will have a more obedient dog.

1. Defecation Training. Defecation Training as soon as possible will be one of the things that will benefit you immensely. Usually, puppies will have a desire to excrete about 15 minutes after waking up or eating. At this time, dog parents should pay more attention to observe. if the puppy sniffs everywhere, it shows that it is sending a signal of excretion. Your should carry your puppy to the designated point for excretion in time. After letting the puppy complete the excretion at the designated excretion site, you should immediately give food rewards with treats. Repeatedly, after about three weeks, the puppy can develop a good excretion habit in designated excretion site.

For puppy who violates the rules and urinate everywhere, you should stop it immediately and say a “No” blame, patting their buttocks as a warning.

2. Following Training. When going out, you should choose the appropriate collar. When the dog tries to run in front of you, tighten the strap. When it stops, it relaxes the strap and puts it in a comfortable state. Well, after a few times, it will understand that when you hold it, it cannot run around.

3. Barking Training. Everyone lives in the building now, so if the dog barks, it will affect even the entire floor. When the dog barks, after removing the cause of the disease, you can use newspaper to roll it into a paper tube and tap it on the back to warn it.

4. Pouncing to People. In fact, sometimes the dog pounces to parents to express an intimacy. But to adapt to human society, it must be changed. Because for strangers, this behavior can only make them feel scared. Therefore, when the dog pounces on you for the first time, you should stop it immediately and make a NO sound sternly, while pushing away the dog with your hand. After a few times, your dog will slowly stop pouncing to people.

5. Eating Habit Training. When conducting diet training for puppies, first of all, you must specify a fixed place to eat. Then, you must allow the dog to start eating after getting permission from the parent. You can put the food in front of the dog, Hold it down and let it sit down. At this time, if the dog is disobedient and wants to eat immediately, you should immediately take the tableware away. Until your dog stops and keep waiting state again, you put the tableware back again, and issue the “Eat” instruction. Then your dog will start eating. After training this steps for several time, your little dog will understand what it should be when eating.

At the process of dog training, you should have enough patience. Once your dog does right instruction as you wish, reward him immediately. If he does wrong, slightly tap him as a warning. Do not over-punish, he is just a kid and need some time to do right things in dog training.