Once you got a little cute kitten, the question of how to train a kitten to use kitten litter box is probably foremost on your mind as a fresh hand. Many kittens arrive in their new homes having already learned how to use a litter box from their mother cats, and even those who haven’t are helped along by a strong instinct to bury the evidence after doing the deed. As we all know, it is typically a fairly simple affair to train your kitten to use. Following are some kitten litter box training tips.

Firstly, you need to choose a litter box suitable for your little kitten. For example, small milk cats who were born shortly need to use a litter box with a lower outer edge, so that it is more convenient for them to crawl in and out. And it’s a good idea to have one more litter box than the number of cats who will be using them, so if this is your first cat, you’ll want to start with two. Place them in areas that are easy to get to while offering privacy. If they’re too exposed, your kitty might not feel safe enough to use them.

Secondly, cats are very hygienic animals, so don’t put the kitten litter box near their food bowls and water bowls, otherwise they will directly ignore the kitten litter box and look for other places to solve the internal anxiety.

Thirdly, after taking the cats home, you should let them stay in the litter box to adjust to the environment of the basin and feel the texture of the litter box. You can also use your fingers to flip the cat litter to show cats that they can bury urine and feces. Especially for kittens, you need to put them in the kitten litter box every time they wake up and after eating. Once they start using the litter box, you don’t have to worry about them going to another place to defecate off.

Fourth, after putting the cat in the litter box, you’d better not stare at them all the time, so that they will feel afraid. You can pretend to ignore their existence, or go to another room, and your kitten will relax to defecate when she is out of alert. In addition, you have to clean the kitten litter box every day, because kittens do not want to step into a dirty place where there is no place to fall.

Fifth, Reward your little kitten whenever you notice her using the litter box. Praise her and give her a treat or a toy.

Last but most important, you need to pay attention that you can’t punish your kitten throughout the training process once there is any accidents. Cats are very sensitive animals. They do not associate punishment with the incident in question, so it doesn’t help train her not to do it in the future. They will have an infinite fear and stress of litter box if only be punished once. In the future, they will find a place where they feel safe, such as your wardrobe, under the bed, etc. Be patient and spend much more time to teach your kitten to use litter box, you will find it so simple to train your kittens.

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