Dog toys can be divided into two categories: solitary toys and interactive toys. Solitary toys are toys used by dogs at home. Usually, dogs can play by themselves, such as molars; and interactive toys need to be established between the dog and the owner. Interaction is usually the process by which the owner acts and the dog responds accordingly, such as a frisbee. However, as the pace of life of urban pet owners is accelerating, the time for dogs to be alone is gradually increasing, and more solitary toys for being alone are chosen by pet parents.

Solitary Toys-Dogs play by themselves

Stuffed dog toys are generally made of rubber as raw materials, mixed with various other ingredients. The characteristic of rubber toys is that they have a certain elasticity and toughness. Choose a rubber toy that matches the dog’s bite force. Just like people chewing gum, they can always chew but will not eat them all at once. It is equivalent to additives such as saccharin and spice in chewing gum, which makes the chewing process more flavorful. Therefore, this kind of toys can generally be used to consume energy and time for dogs, and learn the proper method of use, which will be the best companion for tearing home dogs.

Educational dog toys can exercise the dog’s thinking ability, allowing him to learn to think in the process of trying different ways to obtain food from the toy.

Interactive Toys- Dogs play together with pet parents

The cotton rope dog toys is suitable for dogs during the period of tooth replacement. With a long-shaped toy, let the dog bite one side, and you drag the other side by hand. A relatively gentle tug-of-war game will help the deciduous teeth fall off, but remember not to tug too hard, and the tug-of-war game only plays an auxiliary role in the process of changing teeth. In addition, the tug-of-war game also helps to cultivate the dog’s interest in toys, allowing him to experience the fun of interaction during the tug-of-war with the parents.

Sound toys are generally equipped with parts that can make a sharp sound by squeezing. Most dogs are curious to hear such sounds, which attracts dogs. Thus they like to play with toys.

Soft plush toys are generally made of soft and comfortable fabrics, which are more comfortable for dogs; but for dog parents, such toys are particularly prone to staining with saliva and soil. It will be gross for parents to pick up.

Throwing toys are generally dominated by spherical toys, which have good elasticity and a non-fixed bounce trajectory, which is suitable for playing a recovery game with dogs.

Casting dog toys are generally dominated by frisbee. During the interaction process of this kind of toys, emphasis is placed on paying attention to the empty time of the toy, so that the dog learns to jump up to catch the frisbee, exercise the jumping ability and physical coordination of the dog.

Do not neglect your dog. He is one of your family member once you bring him back. Try to spend more times on playing and sharing with your beloved dogs.

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