Everyone needs a place to rest, for us it is home. There is a warm and comfortable bed at home, which can help us restore our physical strength and keep our feet up. For small cat, the place where they rest is their nest or cat bed, where they can get a good rest. Cats are relatively picky animals, and if they don’t like or feel uncomfortable for the nests you prepare for them, they will refuse to use them. So how to choose a suitable bed for your cat?

Choose according to the kitten’s preferences. If they don’t like their nest, they will refuse to use it and even run to your bed. In daily life, you can find that cat like to get into the box or lie in a deep place. When you choose a bed or kennel, you can choose a cat bed that is relatively high around and sunken in the middle according to its habit.

Choose according to the actual situation of the cats. If the cat are still relatively small and the immunity is relatively low, you can choose a semi-closed bed for them. This style of bed has good thermal insulation, which can make the kitten feel warm and avoid the possibility of the kitten being cold.

If you don’t want to be so troublesome, you want to choose a bed that is used for a long time. Then you can choose according to the size of the cat when you choose it, so that it can be used when the kitten grows up. Don’t be too small, slightly larger than the actual size of the cat, this will help the kitten to better stretch the legs.

The material of the cat bed ensures that there is no quality problems. In the process of choosing bed, it is best to choose materials that have no pungent smell and are non-toxic. The odorless material is the best, which is good for the health of cats. You should also pay attention to observe the internal and external surface conditions of the cat bed. The inner and outer walls of a good cat bed should be smooth and free of any foreign materials. Also choose the one that is easier to clean, so that you can do regular cleaning and replacement to ensure the sanitation of the cat bed environment.

For a better rest of your cats, you can buy a few more cat beds for the cats, so that they have the most comfortable experience in each season. You can also prepare different cat beds mats for them. In winter, you can replace the semi-closed cat beds with a thicker mat inside, which is conducive to providing sufficient warmth for the cat kennel. In summer, you can replace the thick mats, prepare a cat’s nest with better air permeability, and put a mat on the inside to provide a cool rest environment for the cats.

If you have more time, you can also use a cardboard box as a simple cat beds, and cats will also like it very much. Some people will use cat cages as kitten nests, which is okay, but we should pay attention to the size and material of the cat cage during the selection process to avoid cats getting claws stuck in the gap or scratch danger.

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