Preparations before dog bath:

1. Be sure to comb the whole body of the dog to clean the hair removal and knots.

2. Confirm the water temperature with your hands before putting it in. The water temperature should not be too cold or too hot, otherwise it will frighten the dog and make it afraid of taking a bath. For dogs, the appropriate water temperature is a bit higher than the water temperature that humans can fit.

The cleaning sequence when dog bath:

1. Wash your dog’s face. When washing your face, you should first lift its chin so that your face is facing upwards to prevent water from entering its nasal cavity; when washing around the eyes, use your fingertips to gently rub around the eyes to avoid the bath liquid flowing into the eyes; wash around the dog’s mouth When using two hands to clamp the mouth, rub the dirt clean.

2. Wash all parts of the body along the direction of hair growth, and care should be taken when washing hair on the chest and abdomen, and rinse carefully from the root to the tip of the hair. Especially underarms and tails where hairs are dense, wash them carefully.

3. Wash your dog’s feet. Pay attention to cleaning every detail one by one.

Cleaning Supplies for Dog bath:

1. Use shower gel first, then conditioner. Different dogs have different requirements for shower gel and conditioner because of hair length and other characteristics. Consult a pet store and other professional departments.

2. When applying body lotion or conditioner to the whole body of the dog, pay attention to holding the chin with your left hand when washing your hair and fixing the head; rub the skin along the dog’s hair while rubbing the skin to make the dust Surfaced.

3. Be sure to rinse the shower gel and conditioner thoroughly. If the body wash or conditioner remains on the body and cannot be washed away, it can cause skin irritation.

Finishing work after dog bath:

1. Quickly wring out the water. After taking a bath for the dog, you will find a lot of water on the dog’s hair. At this time, you must wring the water off before using a towel to wipe it. Wring the hair that can be grasped by your hands until no water drops drip down. Be careful not to pull hard. After twisting, quickly pick up the dog with a towel.

2. Wipe sequence. It should be wiped from the face. If water flows into the eyes or ears, it will cause a lot of trouble; then dry the abdomen and back, wrap the dog with a towel, and put it on his knee or table, let it face Lie down in your own direction, wipe the abdomen after holding its front legs, and then turn it over to wipe the back.

3. Use a hair dryer to dry. Blow up from large areas such as the abdomen and back first, use a dog brush to comb and change the angle, and dry all parts. Also pay attention to keeping the distance between the hair dryer and the dog. During the drying process, the temperature of the wind should be constantly tested by hand to avoid excessively high temperature to burn the dog’s skin.

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