Now many cat owners also desperately give cats a variety of delicious food. The more your cat eat, the better they are. You want to make cats fatter. As a result, domestic cats are becoming more and more obese, which has led to various diseases. The harm of obesity to people is well known. Similarly, excessive cat obesity also increases the risk of a series of cat diseases.

Why are Cat Obesity?

1. Neutering: After the cat is neutered, the food intake will often increase. At the same time, the removal of the reproductive system reduces the body’s basic metabolic level, resulting in excessive intake of calories, which leads to obesity. Many studies have shown that if diet is not controlled, sterilization is an important factor that causes cat obesity.

2. Living environment: Most cats now live indoors and exercise is often inadequate, which is also a factor in obesity.

3. Multi-cat family: Multi-cat family is also a factor in obesity. Cats may eat too quickly and too much to fight for food. In addition, when under stress, the cat’s anxiety and tension may also cause overeating.

4. Feeding methods: In the natural environment, cats are typical representatives of eating less and eating more often. They often eat more than 10 times a day, which means that they have to catch prey more than ten times a day. Most domestic cats use free-feeding methods, which means that cats can get food anytime and anywhere without exercise. A study shows that some cats can control their feed intake and maintain their weight when they eat freely; some cats will continue to gain weight.

5. Diseases: Some diseases can lead to increased food intake or reduced activity, which can lead to obesity. For example, cat’s joint disease will lead to reduced activity.

Effects of cat obesity on health:

As we all know, obesity can cause a large number of human diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, fatty liver and so on. The same is true for cats. Obesity increases the risk of the following diseases:


Hepatic Lipidosis

Bone and joint diseases


Urinary tract disease

Oral and gastrointestinal disorders

Skin disease

Obesity can greatly affect a cat’s normal life and is likely to affect the cat’s life expectancy.

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