A healthy immune system is essential to a healthy life. Your dog’s immune system will protect the body, sampling the internal environment and checking for bacteria, viruses, allergens and other intruders that need to be defended against.

Following are some ways for your to improve your dog immunity:

1. Neat Nest or Kennel: In order for dogs not to be sick, the first point is to improve the natural environment in which pet dogs live in. You can only keep the dog’s nest dry, warm, tidy, clean and neat, and without smell. So that it is not easy to cause the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and will not decrease the dog immunity. The frequency of dog nausea, vomiting and diarrhea will reduce thereupon.

2. Regular Vaccination and Deworming: Regularly vaccinating dogs can improve the dog’s own resistance and prevent the corrosion of Rabies virus and other infectious viruses. In addition to regular vaccination, deworming should be carried out regularly. Regular deworming can improve the immunity of dogs, reduce the irritation of sparganosis and prevent gastrointestinal and skin diseases in dogs.

3. Regular Nutritional Tablets for Dogs: Calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, manganese, selenium, iodine and other nutrients are all indispensable elements for improving dog immunity. If a dog lacks of Calcium and phosphorus, it will cause Rachitis and Osteomalacia. The lack of Selenium will harm the dog’s bones and heart. This is gradually harming the dog’s immune function and the dog’s body and mind health. Therefore, in order to ensure the health of dogs, the nutritional element tablets should be fed to the dog to help them improve immunity.

4. Regular Exercise and Sunbathing: Scientific research has confirmed that dogs often sunbathing is very good for their bodies. It can further promote the digestion and absorption of high-quality protein nutrients by the dog bones and avoid dogs from causing Rachitis and other bone diseases. It can also improve the physical activity and immunity of dogs according to their ability to work on theme activities.

5. Healthy Diet: In order to improve the immunity of dogs, apart from paying attention to hygienic feeding habits, there is also the need to feed dogs with high nutrient content and digestible and absorbed dog food, which can maintain the skin, hair, joints, cardiovascular and The digestive tract is physically and mentally healthy, and immunity is improved, which is also conducive to eye vision and head development trends. Feeding your dog a nutritionally balanced dog food is essential for a healthy immune system.

6. Protein Intake of Dogs: In addition to giving dogs food for dogs, they also need to add protein to dogs, and give them beef and mutton containing vitamin b6, which can help dogs improve immunity. Eating salmon with antioxidants can eliminate brittle oxygen. Free radical ingredients, to avoid embrittlement of body cells, but also improve immunity.

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