Cats are strange animals with different cat behavior. They have their own way of life and communication. Although they like their owners, they do not express their emotions directly like puppies. They sometimes even hide their emotions. They may rub your legs with their heads when they are happy. They have rich body language, but unless they are in a good mood, no body language will be shown to you. Sometimes cats behavior will roll on the ground, so why do cats roll on the ground all the time? What does it mean?

1. Feel safe in the Environment: When the cat feels safe in the environment, the most obvious sign is to expose the belly to roll on the ground, and the cat’s eyes are also very relaxed, dumb and without any vigilance.

2. The Cat wants to attract your Attention: When you encounter difficulties when working at home, it will take a long time to deal with. At this time, the cat will appear, quietly walks beside your feet, and lie down on the ground in a moment, and with rolling all the time. At this time, its eyes must be looking seriously into the distance, but its eyes contact fall on you from time to time. This rolling method belongs to wanting to attract your attention. And it wants you to play with him.

3. Territory Occupation: This is most clearly reflected in the male cat, because the cat divides the site by smell. When you come home from the outside, as long as you bring back a wrong smell, the cat will rub against your legs, and finally lie down directly to the ground, rolling back and forth on the floor, and its expression is not too focused and a little bit alert, then this way of rolling will be called the act of occupying the territory with smell.

4. The Body is Extremely itchy: When the cat feels itchy, it is likely that the cat has fleas or other small bugs, which makes him feel uncomfortable. At this time, he would be crazy to roll on the ground with non-stop, lasting a long time. At this time, the cat’s eyes are a little anxious, and he will not be particularly focused. If you find that your cat has a similar behavior, for its health considerations, you should give the cat an internal and external deworming as soon as possible.

5. The need for Estrus: This is more obvious in the female cat. An American research paper shows that the female cat will continue to rub on the ground during the estrus, in order to remove the smell of other male cats that are on her body. So as to attract new little cat boyfriends. At this time, its rolling range will be particularly large, and his eyes are confusing, this rolling method belongs to the need of estrus.

It can be seen that the cat rolls express a lot of meanings. So when the cat rolls, you can observe whether the cat has other phenomena. If it is simply to roll with you, then you can accompany it and let it be coquettish or just spend some time playing with your cat. If it accompanied by other symptoms, such as howling or scratching, then you need to pay attention to whether it is estrus or has skin problems. In addition to comforting them emotionally, the cat owner must also take some measures to relieve their discomfort.

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