Every dog owner hopes that their dog has a beautiful, glossy and shiny coat. While not everything goes as we hoped. Dog dandruff, white flakes of dead skin cells, which makes your dog not so beautiful and looks bleak.

What Causes Dog Dandruff?

1. Bathing too frequently: Dogs’ skin is very fragile, so you can’t take frequent baths. If you bathe your dogs twice a day, it will definitely cause skin diseases and dandruff consequent.

2. Caused by Skin Diseases: Dogs suffering from skin diseases can also cause dogs to have dandruff. If it is suspected to be caused by skin diseases, such as fungal skin disease, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a skin examination to determine the source and symptom deal with.

3. Dogs Food is Too Salty: If you usually eat dogs too salty, it will also cause a lot of dandruff, so the owner must pay attention to the dog’s salt absorption, so that the light and low salt is the main thing in dog diet.

4. Malnutrition Caused and Diet: In fact, dogs have dandruff is also related to diet, if you often give dogs mainly leftovers, then it will definitely cause malnutrition and other situations. So over time, dogs will also appear dandruff, it is recommended that the owner is better to do mainly dog food, after all, dog food is made according to the nutritional needs of dogs!

5. Using of Human Shower Gel: Many people bathe their dogs with human using shower gel. The human shower gel is alkaline, and the weak alkaline skin of the dog encounters the same alkaline shampoo. , Unable to neutralize. Instead, wash away the oil that protects the surface of the skin, causing a series of problems such as skin itching, allergies, dandruff, etc.

Dog Dandruff Treating Method

Sometimes, dog dandruff is mild and you can take it at-home treatment. But if you are not sure about home treating method, please make an appointment with your veterinarian, who can help you determine the cause of dandruff and offer you the ideal treatment.

Unless dandruff is genetically caused, its treatment depends on the specific cause. For example, if it is caused by dietary reasons, offer your dog fresh water and rich food with healthy fats and some supplement like omega-3. Other potential causes will have specific treatment plans.

Severe dandruff cases require veterinary care. For example, for some disease like hypothyroidism will need to be treated with medication as soon as possible.

The most common reason is that dogs have hyperkeratotic skin. Like humans, if the skin becomes thicker and harder, it will produce dandruff. Just like people have dandruff, dogs are also metabolizing. Their epidermal cells will continue to grow and fall off, but dogs have more hair than humans, and there will be more dandruff. Combing and grooming your dog’s hair on a regular basis can brush away the old dandruff and dead hair that usually accumulate, and can also help the dog to distribute the natural oil secreted by its own skin on every inch of skin. For dogs who often being brush hair by their owner, many problems of dandruff can be solved naturally.

Finally, it is suggested that when it is impossible to determine what caused the dog’s dandruff, try to bring it to a regular pet hospital in time for the doctor to help determine. Don’t believe in some local methods, you must treat the symptoms properly, don’t panic and don’t ignore them. Hopes your pet dog can live happily, healthily and longevity!

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