Nowadays, dog obesity condition has been increased with the growth of economic conditions. As the quantity of food is more abundant and diversified. People not only eat well, but also choose the best for pets. For dogs, being overweight not only shortens the dog’s life span, but also reduces the dog’s quality of life. About 53% of the dogs are overweight at present, but 95% of dog owners do not know that their dog is already overweight, and think it is very cute.

The Dangers of Dog Obesity

1. Damage to dog’s joints and bones: Dogs are overweight and their body burden becomes heavier. Dogs’ joints are weighed more every time they take a step. Dogs are prone to arthritis over time. Sometimes larger movements can cause dog ligament strain.

2. Diabetes: Obese dogs have elevated blood sugar and excessive insulin secretion in the body, which increases the burden on the dog’s pancreas, so the dog will be prone to diabetes.

3. Heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.: Dog obesity, like humans, can cause dogs’ blood pressure to rise. Fat in the blood will increase the burden on the dog’s heart and increase the risk of heart failure.

4. Other diseases caused by decreased immunity: Such as dyspnea, urinary system diseases, impaired liver function, etc.

What are reasons of Dog Obesity ?

1. Genetic Reasons: Dogs obesity, like humans, have an inherently fat body. Such as Pugs, Dachshunds, Pekingese, Bulldog, etc. These dogs are naturally easier to gain weight than other dogs, and bitches are more likely to gain weight than male dogs. Therefore, you must fully understand the characteristics of dogs when selecting dogs. If you choose such dogs for feeding, you must strictly control their diet and exercise.

2. Lack of Exercise: It is necessary to control both the mouth and the legs. The calories a dog consumes every day must be metabolized by exercise. Some dogs are not naturally fat, but they are overweight. The big reason is that they are too lazy to exercise. They often stay at home for sleeping after eating too much.

3. Diet Reasons: This is the main reason why dogs gain weight. Some owners will feed their dogs a lot, thinking that they love their dogs. In fact, they are already over-nutrition, and it is difficult to consume fat through daily exercise.

4. Dog Aging and Disease Causes: As the dog ages, the body’s metabolism gradually slows down, and the body is not as flexible as before. At this time, taking them out for exercise may not have the previous effect. Older dogs lose more exercise and gradually gain weight. In addition, dogs with diseases such as thyroid disease and pancreatic gland tumors can also easily gain weight.

5. Neutering: After the neutering operation, the hormone levels in the dog’s body change, making them more likely to gain weight. Some dogs will have better appetite after neutering, and they will not be fidgeting and be affected by the female dogs during the estrus period.

Losing weight has always been an enduring and long way to go. During the weight loss period, the owner and the dog need to work together. The owner must have sufficient patience and perseverance to help the dog lose weight. Every time the dog reaches a small goal, the owner must not be stingy about supporting and encouraging the dog. Otherwise, if your dog eat less and exercise more, he will get depressed. Of course, if you use the correct method and perseverance, you will definitely have an effect.

However, compared to being overweight and then losing weight, we hope that every dog owner will notice these problems when the dog is a pup and kill the risk of obesity in the cradle. This is good for the health of the dog and can also reduce the possibility of dog overweight.

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