Once raising a dog, not just provide it with food, water and shelter, but also be responsible for walk the dog every day, helping to exercise its body. In some people opion, walking dogs is easy. In fact, there is a lot of knowledge of walk the dog. If you learn basic dog walking common sense and put it into practice, you will find that your dog’s mood can be totally different.

Equipment Preparation

1. Prepare dog leash/leather belt or dog collar. These can be easily bought in pet stores, and of course you can also buy them online. If you buy it at a pet store, you have to check their materials and let your dog wear it to see if it is suitable. The dog collar must be suitable for dogs. It is the best that you can reach your two fingers between the dog collar and the dog’s neck. Dog leash and collar must be brought when walking dogs, unless they are allowed to run freely in areas with few people. If you are in area with a large population, you must bring a collar, not only to prevent dogs from scaring others, but also to prevent dogs from danger.

2. Tie the collar to the dog’s neck, and then tie the dog leash to the collar. Remember to tie it firmly, and never wear a shock collar to your dog, as it will harm its mental health.

Walk the Dog

1. The owner’s self-confidence often brings good mood to the dogs, you should always hold them and let the dogs follow you. This prevents their abnormal behavior. Of course, you can also bring some dog snacks to give rewards when they perform well.

2. You can allow your dog to walk in front of you. They move very fast, so they will move faster than you. Although some people think that dogs always walking in front of people will cause behavior problems, but this is not completely correct.

3. Train your dog to be quiet. When walking a dog, most dogs like to howl and rush forward. At this time, the delicious dog snacks that come with them come in handy. When the dog pulls you forward or yells, take out a snack and let him look at it. Once they stop howling or rush running, you can give the snacks to him. Otherwise no matter how eager he behaves, don’t spoil your dog. If you train more times, it will be quiet and behave much better.

4. Take your dog to interesting places. Such as parks, beaches, pet shops, etc.. In these places it will be very happy and will also bring you a good mood.

5. Prepare some plastic bags for dog poops. Whether at home or in public, be sure to pick up dog poops. You can buy some garbage bags or use shopping bags at pet spots. It is always useful to carry one or two bags with you.

6. If you walk your dog for a long time, don’t forget to bring food and water. And you’d better wear comfortble walking shoes or sports shoes.

7. Do not wear the dog muzzle for your dogs. It will make your dog more aggresive.

8. Keep a happy mood when you walk the dog. The dog can feel the energy negative emitted by the owner, and it will become irritable. Therefore, you must be happy when you walk the dog, no matter how much pressure you have. Focus on the present, do your job well.

Dogs with the following conditions should avoid going out as much as possible, or go out under close surveillance, and the time should be controlled within half an hour.

1. Puppies born no more than three months old.

2. A female dog in estrus or is pregnant should pay more attention if there is a male dog nearby, and keep the distance between the two.

3. Dogs who have not received vaccination. Or dogs that have been injected but are still within a two-week risk period.

4. Dogs recovering from illness or serious illness.

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