We all know that dog body changes as it ages. Although every dog owner want their dog baby live forever together with them, there is no way to prevent dog aging changes. What we dog owner can do is helping older dogs to adapt to these changes in a variety of way.

Dog Aging Symptoms & Signs:

1. Slowness of action: Dogs entering the aging period will feel more difficult to move, and they will be much slower than younger dogs in action. You can observe your dog and know it from the walking of dogs. Older dogs will walk more slowly. For example, they don’t want to go out for a walk, the move of sitting down and standing up become slower, and they will not react when touched, which are the symptoms of a dog becoming sluggish.

2. Teeth shake and fall off: Dog teeth are good for judging age. There are 28 teeth in puppies; 42 teeth in adult dogs. And dental disease is the most common change we see in older dogs.The teeth of the upper and lower jaws wear out or even fall off, which means that the dog is beginning to age.

3. Decline in vision: Unlike humans who rely on vision, dogs are animals that live on vision, hearing and smell. As they get older, these sensory functions will begin to degrade, especially in the visual part, which degrades the fastest. Almost every older dog will have glaucoma or cataracts, and in severe cases, it may even be blind.

4. Diminished digestive function: The digestive ability of the dog can also tell the age of the dog, the appetite of the old dog is different from that of the young dog. As the digestive function begins to weaken, the old dog’s appetite will become weaker. It must also be frequent constipation. Due to the decrease in the capacity of the digestive organs, constipation often occurs, and enough fiber should be added.

5. Skin and hair coat changes: This symptom most commonly occurs on the muzzle and around the eyes. The coat may become thinner and duller; If the coat of an older dog changes significantly, the dog should be checked by a veterinarian.

6. Increased sleeping time During the Day: Because of poor physical strength, dogs entering the advanced age will sleep longer during the day and shorter at night. In addition, due to hormonal changes, untied dogs will become estruses without moving, or the period of estrus becomes unstable, which is especially serious for bitches. Dogs that are beginning to age, are easily fatigued, lose interest in sports and play, like to sleep lazy all day long, especially afraid of cold, like lying in a heated or warm place in winter.

How to take care of dog aging changes?

1. Regular physical examination. As the age gets older, dogs suffering from various kinds of risk diseases will also increase accordingly. The shit officer must regularly carry out medical examinations for dogs to avoid any potential disease risks. After all, no matter what the disease, early detection and early detection Treatment must be of great benefit.

2. Diet adjustment. Try to give the dog some food that is rich in nutrients and easy to chew. In addition, during the medical examination, the doctor will tell you what nutrients are missing in the dog’s body. The shit officer can make targeted food supplements to achieve the purpose of balanced nutrition.

3. Give the dog aging more company. When the dog enters old age, there are no recreational activities, and the only thing it depends on is the shit officer. At this time, they need the care of the shit officer more than they were when they were young, otherwise they will easily suffer from dementia.

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