Indoor Cats are very sensitive animals, and they can feel it even the environment has changed a little. If you mess up where the cat lives, the indoor cat will be depressed and get sick! Do you know the proper and suitable home environment for indoor cat?

1. Once you decided to raise a cat, if you want to take good care of it and let it appreciate the love from human beings, then you have to give the cat a suitable environment. Some parents like to make the home luxurious and comfortable. But there may be a lot of formaldehyde and other pungent odors in the paint and furniture adhesives at home. Maybe dog parents can’t smell it as the smell sinks and gathers on the ground, but sensitive cats will have allergic reactions due to these tiny smells. The owner should be aware of the problems and always pay attention to the quality of the environment at home. You can put some green plants at home to absorb the bad smells at home.

2. Cats need to be sunbathed. The humid environment will lead to the growth of various microorganisms, causing cat skin diseases such as cat moss. If you find that your cat is suffering from ringworm, don’t worry, take the cat to the pet hospital and apply medicine to the affected area of the cat under the guidance of the doctor. After applying the medicine, under normal circumstances, the cat’s illness will be cured in about half a month.

3. It should be noted that the owner should disinfect the home every day, especially the cat’s sleeping nest, mats and the floor in the home. Remember not to let your cat sleep on the ground just wet mopped. Moisture is a main cause of cat skin diseases.

4. Some cat supplies at home may also be harmful to cats. Some irregular cat supplies manufacturers may cause cat allergies due to the lack of strict control on raw materials. For example, plastic food bowls for cats, anti-flea collars containing insecticides such as organophosphorus or amino carbonate, etc. These are very likely to harm sensitive cats. For the health of cats, parents must buy products from regular manufacturers.

5. For the temperature suitable for cats to live in, cats generally prefer to live in an environment with a temperature of 18-29 degrees and a relative humidity of 40%-70%. Of course, the most suitable environmental temperature for cats should be 20-26 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity should be kept at about 50%. If the ambient temperature exceeds 36 degrees, the pet cat’s appetite and physique will decrease, and the cat at this time is also more likely to get sick.

To give a cat a home, it is necessary to not only consider the needs of both parties, but also pay attention to the coordination with the living room environment. When the space is no longer just a simple residence belonging to people, the issues to be considered for decoration are more extensive. You need to take your cat into consideration when taking care of indoor cat to make sure providing it a suitable and comfortable environment.

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