Every season, cats often show strange behavior. But certain strange behaviors require a visit to the vet, especially when the symptom points to a disease called “Cat Seasonal Allergies” (also known as convulsions, skin syndrome). The cat parents should pay close attention to the symptoms related to cat seasonal allergies and later treatment problems.

What is Cat Seasonal Allergies?

Feline Allergic Syndrome (FHS) is a rare, but disturbing, exotic disease, also known as twitch syndrome. Cat allergies can occur in cats of all ages, but tend to occur in mature cats. Although veterinarians usually classify FHS as epilepsy, some people also regard it as obsessive-compulsive disorder. why? Because most clinical episodes of the syndrome include short but compulsive scratching, hair licking, and madness.

Symptoms of Cat Seasonal Allergices

Allergy syndrome is usually due to “a brief outbreak of strange behavior, which may last up to a minute or two.” Most situation start when you touch or scratch the cat’s lower back. Your cat may suddenly change from a quiet state to a strange behavior within 20 to 30 seconds:

Scratching, biting or licking back and tail


Make a terrible noise

Tail twitch


Uncontrolled urination


Diagnosis of Cat Seasonal Allergies

Cat Seasonal Allergies can be difficult to diagnose because it is very rare. If you find any of the above symptoms at home, please take him to the vet to rule out some other possible health problems:

Spine problems, such as osteoarthritis, nerve compression, or spondylolisthesis

Skin diseases such as fleas, fungal infections or mite infections

Before drawing a conclusion that a cat has allergy syndrome, the veterinarian needs to perform various diagnostic steps. These tests may include routine physical and neurological examinations, blood chemistry and urine analysis, X-rays, MRI, etc.

Some veterinarians choose to use one or more of the following medication to treat cat allergy syndrome:

Antiepileptic medication, such as phenobarbital or gabapentin

Anti-anxiety medication, such as amitriptyline

Anti-inflammatory medication, such as prednisone

The good news is that once properly treated, cats feel that allergies tend to alleviate quickly. Cat scratches and bites occur during the diagnosis of the syndrome, not to mention cats that have experienced anesthesia, which may be worse. If you are worried that your cat has allergy syndrome, then you can take the cat to see a doctor.

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