Not only people will suffer from Arthritis, but also dogs can get ill of  this dog arthritis “invisible killer”. No matter what dog breed you raise, small dogs or large dogs are likely to suffer from Arthritis. If you do not find out that your dog has arthritis in time and make the condition worse, the dog is facing the risk of paralysis!

Symptoms of Dog Arthritis

1. The dog limbs or parts of the body will be more rigid when performing activities after waking up. Some older dogs need to lie down for a while and then slowly stand up and move after waking up;

2. See if the dog’s claw joints show signs of weight gain, or the joints are swollen. When you touch it, the dog will twitch or howl because of the pain;

3. Whether it is difficult for the dog to stand up or squat down, or need to make a lot of moves to stand up and squat down successfully;

4. When eating or doing other actions, dog’s body will tremble slightly;

5. Always lick a certain part of the body, and the same part, and hair shedding of the part due to excessive licking;

6. The dog itself is relatively docile, but suddenly becomes irritable and angry, and will refuse owner to approach him.

The first thing to do when a dog has the above symptoms is to go to the hospital for examination immediately. If the diagnosis is arthritis, you must follow the doctor’s treatment instructions for dogs. If fortunately it is not arthritis, you need to take some steps to prevent it from Arthritis.

How to prevent dog arthritis?

1. Strict weight control: The dog’s joints bear the weight of the body. Excessive weight undoubtedly increases the load on the joints. This also aggravates the wear of the articular cartilage, which leads to the occurrence of arthritis or the aggravation of arthritis over time. The dog owner should properly feed the dogs, and avoid excessively causing the dogs to become obese;

2. Appropriate exercise: Lack of exercise is difficult to promote the secretion of joint synovial fluid, but excessive exercise is easy to aggravate joint wear. Appropriate and moderate exercise is needed to control the amount of exercise and try to choose some softer venues for exercise;

3. Keep dry and Warm for your dog: The place where the dog lives should be kept dry and warm, because the cold and humidity will aggravate the symptoms of dog disease of arthritis, you can add more cushions to the place where the dog sleeps, and occasionally turn on the air conditioner to dehumidify;

4. Add Required Nutrients: The health of the dog’s joints and bones needs certain nutrients to support, such as calcium, so usually give the dog enough calcium, such as extra soy products, dairy products, etc. In addition, good Joints are also inseparable from the role of glucosamine chondroitin. It can repair the damaged articular cartilage of dogs, maintain dog joints, and add some glucosamine chondroitin tablets in dog food. It is simple and easy for your dog to release and prevent the dog arthritis.

When the dog arthritis pain of the dog is severe, you can use a special amount of analgetic to help the dog relieve it, but you must follow the doctor’s instructions and don’t use medicine at will.

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