Dog Rabies is an acute direct contact infectious disease caused by rabies virus that affects a person and all warm-blooded animals. It mainly transmit through the saliva of an infected animal through bites or scratches.

Symptoms of Dog Rabies

1. Great changes in Temperament: If your dog’s temperament changes suddenly from the originally docile dog suddenly becomes neurotic, barking, or the timid dog suddenly becomes very lively, etc. This is the prodromal manifestation of rabies. If a dog has these symptoms, it is possible to get rabies, and you should pay more attention to your dog.

2. Decreased Appetite and Increased Drinking Water. If the dog had a regular life and a regular quantitative diet, he suddenly stopped following the previous work and eating habits, ate little or no food, and drank a lot of water. The dog owner should pay attention to the dog, whether there is any instability in walking, deviation, or stiff posture, wandering aimlessly. If this happens, the dog is probably already suffering from rabies.

3. Like to hide in dark places. If the dog likes to hide in dark places, he is afraid of light and becomes sluggish or manic (75% of the dogs are sluggish, and there are two kinds of alternating situations). The reaction became gloomy and dull. When a dog has these conditions, it is very likely to be suffering from rabies. Be sure to isolate it as soon as possible to avoid injury.

4. Increased saliva and difficulty breathing. If your dog’s saliva suddenly increases without uncontrollably flowing out, and accompanied by accelerated breathing, or even difficulty breathing. It means everely drooling dog may have entered the paralysis of rabies period. If the dog enters the paralysis period, it will die within 3-7 days.

5. Convulsions and Paralysis. Dogs are suffering from rabies. After entering the paralysis period, pupil dilation usually occurs, and muscles are paralyzed throughout the body. They can no longer stand, and they are accompanied by tongue prolapse, severe drooling, and convulsions throughout the body. With these symptoms, there is usually no cure, as the virus has multiplied in the dog brain.

How to prevent the Dog Rabies?

1. Vaccinations should be performed regularly. Dogs must be regularly injected with rabies vaccine; take the dog to the hospital to test for antibodies to rabies virus in the body, if not, it needs to be strengthened;

2. When the dog is out, avoid contact with other unfamiliar dogs, and at the same time avoid contact with stray dogs;

3. There is currently no effective treatment for rabies, and the mortality rate is 100%.

4. If a dog has rabies, you must not be in contact with it, because if the dog is in a violent stage, it will make it excited and will attack people or other animals. When a sick dog is found, it should be sent to a veterinary station or hospital for treatment immediately. After being bitten by a sick dog or cat, you should go to the hospital in time.

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