Jersey Wooly

Jersey Wooly is one of the pet rabbit breeds. It is a new breed produced by crossing Angora rabbits and dwarf rabbits. It was approved by ARBA in 1988. Jersey Wooly has a docile personality, cute and cute appearance, and is very suitable for children to raise.

Morphology Characteristics of Jersey Wooly

Jersey Wooly is a typical pet rabbit breed. It is petite and light. Its ears are erect. The hair on the body is long, but it is not easy to knot. So it is more convenient to take care of.

  1. The morphological characteristics of Jersey Wooly: The adult rabbit weighs about 1.6 kg (1.4 kg for competition level), has a short and concise body, the height and width are exactly the same, the shoulder width is slightly narrower than the hip width, and the muscles from waist to hip Obese and round, the lower jaw is long and hairy along the edge, like a mandibular whisker, and the hair from the root of the ear to the eye is longer than that on the face. Generally, the ideal hair length is about 5 cm to 8 cm. Although Jersey Wooly’s hair is longer than other rabbit breeds, it is not easily tangled, which makes the breeding and management easier.
  2. The standard Jersey Wooly: short and round body. The head is large and round, with some long hair around it. The ideal length of the ears is about 6 cm with round eyes. The hair growth is dense and numerous. The ideal length of hair is about 5cm to 7.5cm. Not easy to tangle, easy to manage. The weight should be 1-1.5kg.
  3. Failed Jersey Wooly: a slender body, a slender face, sparse hair on the ears, and hair that produces hair balls. Ears over 7.5cm and the tip of the ears have hair shorter than 4cm.

Key Feeding Points of Jersey Wooly

Jersey Wooly’s ideal food is rabbit food. Why do you say that? Because rabbit food is usually a compound feed, it contains most of the nutrients Jersey Wooly needs. So, how to choose a good rabbit food for Jersey Wooly?

The main ingredients of rabbit food: trace elements, a variety of multi-dimensional, methionine lysine, cystine, tryptophan, leucine, colistin, flavomycin, antioxidants, high-efficiency antifungal agents, lanolin, Sodium cyclamate, yeast powder, folic acid, dihydropyridine, calcium hydrogen phosphate, soda powder, enzyme-producing probiotics, mold adsorbent, anhydrous copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate monohydrate, zinc sulfate monohydrate, manganese sulfate monohydrate, sulfuric acid Sodium, potassium sulfate, potassium chloride, etc. The related main functions are as follows.

Main features of Jersey Wooly Food

  1. Increase appetite, promote growth, strengthen hair follicle development, bright and thick coat, and improve the smoothness of fur. Increase daily weight gain. Improve feed conversion rate, save feed and reduce costs.
  2. Contains a variety of pure green mycotoxin adsorbents and fire extinguishing agents, which can fully clear harmful substances in the intestinal tract and enhance immunity.
  3. Aiming at the problems of low semen quality of male rabbits, low sperm survival rate, and low sexual desire, the improvement effect of long-term use is obvious.
  4. Long-term continuous use of this product is effective in improving female rabbits that are not obvious in estrus, low conception rate and fewer births.