English Spot Rabbit

English Spot Rabbit is a pet rabbit breed, its appearance is very similar to that of Dalmatians, so it is also called spotted rabbit or English spotted rabbit. It is not very common in China and has a large body. It is a rather old large pet rabbit. There are black spots on the body, which is extremely cute.

Morphological Characteristics of English Spot Rabbit

English Spot Rabbit is a large-sized rabbit, but it is now raised as a pet rabbit breed. This is one of the few large-sized pet rabbit breeds, but it is not common in our country and there are not many people raising it. So what does this rabbit look like?

Head characteristics of English Spot Rabbit: The appearance of English Spot Rabbit is very distinctive from the head. First of all, its black eyes resemble a panda rabbit. The English Spot Rabbit’s eyes are black, which may be related to the presence of melanin in his body. Usually there is a black patch behind the eyes; the ears are large and erect, and the ears are upright. The hair is very short and completely black; the nose and mouth of the English Spot Rabbit are also black; in other words, the biggest feature of this rabbit’s head is that the other parts are white, only the facial features are black.

English Spot Rabbit Physical Characteristics: As a large rabbit breed, the rabbit has an adult weight of about 5-8 kg. The torso is very long, the torso is naturally curved on the back, and the body is well-proportioned. The back has a black hair from behind the ears, which spans the entire back to the tail. There are uneven black patches on both sides of the black torso line. This is also it. The origin of the spotted rabbit name.

The hair of the whole body and limbs is relatively short, the limbs are short, the toes are very long, and the development of the hind limbs is better than that of the forelimbs. This also shows that the English Spot Rabbit has better bounce ability and strong limbs.

Main Points of Raising English Spot Rabbit

The English Spot Rabbit’s ability to adapt to the environment is not particularly strong, and the choice of food is also more complicated, especially for the English Spot Rabbit that has just been purchased. At this time, it is necessary to work hard on the diet to help it adapt to the environment as quickly as possible And restore physical strength.

What do English Spot Rabbit eat: Usually the rabbits we buy home are just weaned, so excessive food is very important. At this time, we can’t just feed rabbit food, but also add some nutrients.

Little rabbits that have not been weaned or just weaned are not well adapted to feed and solid food. Don’t eat too much, eat only a little at a time, and spend more time in bed. Be patient to tease the little rabbit to eat well, or stick some grape powder on the food to tease the little rabbit to eat food, if the food is too hard, the little rabbit If you can’t eat, you can moisten it with water and then feed it.

If the buyer has ready-made baby rabbit food, he can give the baby rabbit this kind of feed. If not, soybean meal or peanut meal can be the staple food for the rabbit. Fresh and clean can be fed directly to rabbits, but not very fresh should be fried or baked in the microwave, but can not be burnt or paste, also can use oatmeal and wheat bran.

Can the English Spot Rabbit drink water? Little rabbits usually don’t drink water at the rabbit dealers. Don’t believe that the little rabbits can’t drink water, even if the little rabbits bought at the pet store go home, it’s no exception. In order to restore the rabbit’s strength, you can add some glucose powder to the water. The bunny drinks. Use clean, cold boiled water or bottled pure water, and warm boiled water in winter.