Palomino Rabbit

Palomino Rabbit is a typical breeding breed. As a large rabbit, Palomino Rabbit should be a kind of meat rabbit breed, but it is indeed a complete pet rabbit, maybe because of its beautiful appearance, maybe It’s because some people just like large rabbits. No matter what, no matter what the reason, Palomino Rabbit is so cute.

Morphological Characteristics of Palomino Rabbit

It is considered to be a large breed that has been bred, but many times people prefer to regard it as a pet rabbit. The appearance of the Palomino Rabbit is very similar to the Taihang mountain rabbit, because its coat color is yellowish brown, but it is The appearance of the Palomino Rabbit is bigger.

Breeding process of Palomino Rabbit: They were originally from Washington; a rabbit breeder started to breed rabbits in 1910 and wanted to breed a new breed. He bought several meat rabbits from the market. , He began his journey of breeding new rabbit species. One day he saw a tawny rabbit, and wanted to keep the tawny gene, so he started breeding and mating meat rabbits with tawny rabbits, and continued to breed and mate, let him breed A yellow-brown meat rabbit was born and a new rabbit species was created.

In 1952, the breeder brought his own new rabbit breed to the ARBA venue. He wanted to let the new rabbit breed be recognized and he also named the new rabbit breed. But after returning, he found that he didn’t like it. The name of the rabbit, so he helped it to rename the Belle Milu rabbit; in 1953, he continued to bring the Belle Milu rabbit to the ARBA venue, and then will be there every year until 1958. Milutu has been recognized by ARBA.

Appearance characteristics of Perumeira: The coat color of the belly, tail, feet and chin of Perumeira rabbit is different from other body colors. It is milky white, and its body shape is rectangular. The head is relatively small, and the body is round and large, showing a rectangular body shape. The coat color is brown and coffee yellow, and the eyes are gray blue and brown. The chin, sole of the feet, abdomen and tail of the Palomino Rabbit color. The weight of Palomino Rabbit is about eight to eleven kilograms.

Main Points of Feeding Palomino Rabbit

The appetite of Palomino Rabbit is very large. Raising this kind of Rabbit is a waste of money. This is a complete food. We all know that diseases are imported from the mouth, so we must pay attention to the choice of food and diet at this time. Hygiene, prevent Palomino Rabbit from getting sick.

The choice of Palomino Rabbit food: The main food for adult rabbits is hay, followed by fresh vegetables and dry food. Any snacks can be avoided. You can feed fresh fruits once or twice a week. They are already very happy. ! Hay is very important for the health of the stomach and teeth of Palomino Rabbit and it can also help expel the swallowed hair, so it should be supplied in unlimited quantities. Hay is a must in the healthy diet of pet rabbits.

Precautions for edible vegetables: All fruits and vegetables must be washed thoroughly. The amount of feeding depends on the size of the leaf and the size and physique of the Palomino Rabbit. Don’t give them several foods that it hasn’t eaten at the same time. If you have not eaten a dish that Palomino Rabbit has eaten, you can only give a few for the rabbit to have a try at the beginning, about half to one slice.

The vegetables that are not suitable for Perumilu rabbits are corn, broccoli and broccoli, some beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, fungi, nuts, and tea are not suitable for Perumilu rabbits. of.

What vegetables can be eaten by Perumilu rabbit: There are many vegetables that Perumilu rabbit likes, such as cabbage, cabbage heart, small tang cabbage, Chinese lettuce, rapeseed, yellow teeth white, baby doll Vegetables, mustard greens and other common vegetables we all love.