Eastern Chipmunk

Eastern Chipmunk have the habit of storing food and hibernating. They usually appear hibernating in the wild. They do not need to hibernate in a warm room when they are artificially raised. Eastern Chipmunks are currently mainly distributed in North China, Northwest, and Northeast my country. The fur is of good quality and beautiful.

Morphological Characteristics of Eastern Chipmunk

Eastern Chipmunk have a pair of big embarrassing eyes, which make people feel very clever. Their long and slender tails are close to the length of their body. As squirrels, they like to climb is their specialty. The distinction between male and female mice is relatively simple.

Eastern Chipmunk can be easily identified from the five unique stripes on its body. The adult Eastern Chipmunk has a body length of about 15 cm and a tail length of about 12 cm.

The ancestors of Eastern Chipmunk can be traced back millions of years. As long as there are plenty of seeds and soil suitable for digging to protect them from many predators, they can live almost anywhere.

Feeding Knowledge of Eastern Chipmunk

They are very sensitive to the odor of the surrounding environment. It is best to help them change the bedding to prevent the chipmunks from feeling uncomfortable. Of course, when changing the bedding, you need to pay attention to the chipmunks to escape by plane. If you escape, you should grab the tail immediately. Eastern Chipmunk’s tail is easy to break, and once it is broken, it will not grow again.

Eastern Chipmunk should be kept clean, but bathing is not necessary! Jinhua loves to clean, and most of the time she cleans herself by herself. If the owner wants to bathe Jinhua, please make sure she has a very good relationship with Jinhua, and she trusts Jinhua very much. If you hold it in your hand, you will not run away. Otherwise, please do not bathe Jinhua. . Jinhua is very afraid of water. It is prone to accidents if you take a bath before it is matured. Even if it is matured, it will scare Jinhua and cause a crisis of trust. Moreover, improper operation by the owner can cause the golden flower to drown, choke and die, and it is easy to catch a cold after washing! Don’t use bath sand. Squirrels have small pores, and bath sand particles are too fine to clog the pores!

If you want to keep the Eastern Chipmunks clean, the owner must clean frequently! Clean the bedpan, change the litter, wooden nest, hammock, water bottle, etc. to protect the health of the golden flowers. If you have to wash the golden flower, just give it clean water. The water temperature should be 30-40 degrees Celsius. If it is too cold, Jinhua will catch a cold, not to mention hot.