Golden Hamster

Golden Hamster (Syrian Hamster) is a kind of hamster born in Asia. Due to its very high reproduction rate and strong adaptability, it can be raised everywhere. Raised in a good environment can survive for 2-3 years.

The Golden Hamster was officially classified as a pet after it was introduced to the United States in 1938 and belongs to the rodent category. It looks like a bear and weighs 0.2 kg as an adult. It was introduced and reared in Jiande, Zhejiang, China in the 1990s. The docile personality is among the first hamsters to become human pets.

Morphological Characteristics of Golden Hamster

The color of the larva of the Golden Hamster is obviously different from that of the adult, but the coat color will become more and more beautiful with age. The Golden Hamster is not only long and charming, but also very active. The Golden Hamster was the first human pet.

Female Golden Hamsters are 15cm-20cm long and weigh 90g-150g, males 15cm-18cm, weigh 80g-130g, and weigh 0.2 kg; their tail length is 1.53cm. The most primitive (in nature) colors of Golden Hamster are golden brown back hair and off-white abdomen. After years of artificial cultivation, there are more than 40 different colors, and yellow body hair is the most common. Body hair includes short hair, long hair, satin hair, and curly wavy hair. There are two types of Golden Hamster, and there are bright and non-bright hairs.

It has a larger face than other hamsters. Eye colors are pink, red, deep purple, brown, black, etc. The number of Golden Hamster is the largest among hamsters and the size is also the largest. Shorthaired Hamster have very short fur, covering their entire body with dense, velvety hair. Shaggy Hamster look fluffy when they are young, but they are soft and densely long when they are adults. The satin hamster is covered with satin-like hair. Under no circumstances should two satin hamsters mate, because this will make the offspring have less hair and eventually become a nude mouse (not a nude mouse in the true sense, but almost no hair ), so satin wool must be matched with non-satin wool Hamster. Curl Hamster have wavy curls, and curls are recessive genes.

Feeding Knowledge of Golden Hamster

Golden Hamster have a notoriously good temper. They will not be too fierce when encountering an enemy, they will only turn over and resist with four feet. They like to tidy up their body hair and the smell on their body. The vast majority of Golden Hamsters are extremely timid, especially when they are sleeping, don’t scare them. They can hear sounds that people cannot hear.

When the Golden Hamsters feels annoying or scary, or when it just wakes up, its ears will droop. When coming out of the cage, he huddled together, lay on the ground, and smelled it everywhere. This is expressing nervousness about the new place and wanting to smell the situation all over the world. The Golden Hamster was originally a wild animal, living in a narrow tunnel. When playing indoors, the Golden Hamster will always look for narrow and dark places in order to feel relieved.

The distance between the anus and genitals of male Golden Hamster is far, and the testicles can be seen; the distance between the anus and genitals of females is closer, and the nipples of adult female mice are more obvious. The reproduction rate is high. Golden Hamster absolutely need one cage for one rat, because the hamster have a zero cage rate.

It is forbidden to feed human food. Too much salt and too heavy seasoning will increase the body burden of rats.
Direct contact with the sun is forbidden. Rats are very afraid of heat. Summer is here, please use heat sinks or marble to cool them off.
It is forbidden to wash the bodies of rats and rats with water, because rats and rats cannot swim and will die because of a cold or drowning in water.

If you are not mentally prepared or financially capable, please do not keep female and male mice in a cage, as the reproductive capacity of mice is very impressive. It will be kept in separate cages in 23 days. If you want to breed, please think twice.
It is forbidden to use feed of unknown origin. Please discard it if it has insects or mold. Do not feed it.
It is forbidden to use bamboo chopsticks, popsicles and other things to make the rats grind their teeth. Please use the special molar products and feeds on the market.
It is forbidden to keep rats in a space that is too small. The space must have at least rollers, water bottles, food bowls and other supplies.
Golden Hamsters do not need to use bath sand, they can saliva bath themselves. Golden Hamsters have relatively large pores, so using bath sand will clog the pores.