Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla

The appearance of Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla is very eye-catching, because they have no miscellaneous hairs of other colors, so black that they can’t even find their eyes. Because the pure black of Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla is much more precious than other colors, the price is also more expensive than other chinchillas.

Appearance Characteristics of Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla

The body color of the Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla can be said to be very attractive, and the difference between the Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla and the black chinchilla is that the this Chinchilla is completely free of other colors of miscellaneous hair, so the price of this Chinchilla is relatively high.

Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla, the chinchilla with two pairs of black alleles is called Homozygous Ebony (pure black), they do not have other colors of miscellaneous hair at all, so black that you can’t even find the eyes, and the hair The quality has obvious shiny luster. Pure black is much more precious than full black, and Charoal is another name for pure black, meaning black charcoal. It is the name of the very black Totoro, similar to pure black, but it is obviously that the black charcoal hair with less shiny luster.

Breeding Environment of Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla

The breeding of Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla can refer to the breeding of chinchillas. Because pure black chinchillas are intolerant to heat, many families that raise chinchillas will experience the heat death of chinchillas in summer, so it is very important to arrange a suitable breeding environment for pure black chinchillas. important.

  1. The indoor temperature should not exceed 27 degC! The most comfortable temperature for them is 18 degC-22 degC. Be very careful in summer.
  2. It should not be placed in a place directly exposed to the sun.
  3. It should not be blown directly under the air conditioner or vent.
  4. It should be placed in a relatively quiet place free from harassment.
  5. Try to stick to the wall, not in the middle of the room.
  6. Try to put the cage at the height of the chest, because they are very afraid of something moving on their heads, so don’t put the cage underground.
  7. In their place of origin, birds such as sparrow eagles are their main enemies, so try not to place debris on the cage as it will cause a psychological threat to them.
  8. Do not put the cage outside the balcony or in the bathroom.

Feeding Points of Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla

The feeding can refer to the feeding points of chinchillas. Since the breeding of Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla has certain taboos, not everything can be given to them, so novice owners can refer to the following article, for feeding Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla more Better understanding of.

The Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla is naughty and cute. It is a complete snack. When you see something delicious, it will jump in the cage and want to eat. We can’t pet the this Ebony Chinchilla. Feed it whatever you like. The stomach of the Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla. Unlike human beings, it is very fragile. If you eat something inappropriate, it’s not good to hurt your body.

Feeding this kind of chinchillas is based on the staple food, which can be used with pastures, and occasionally you can feed it some snacks. The staple food of Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla is generally a granular food made by crushing grains, grass powder and various trace elements, which meets the nutritional requirements of Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla. Common forage species are alfalfa and Timothy grass. Alfalfa is rich in protein and calcium, which is unmatched by other pastures; Timothy grass has a higher crude fiber content.

The digestive system of this Ebony Chinchilla is too fragile. As a supplement, you can feed special snacks such as dried apples or raisins, but you must not feed too much, as it is easy to eat. Do not give them foods containing additives and preservatives, and also not eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Excessive water content can easily lead to Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla diarrhea, but you can feed them occasionally with fresh apples. It should be pointed out here that you should not feed the Homozygous Ebony Chinchilla to eat soybeans. It will be disastrous. The Ebony Chinchilla will feel bloating. In severe cases, they may cause intestinal obstruction and endanger life!