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    Many parents in order to show their love for Bichon, often buy some people to eat food for Bichon. The happy dog owner is also happy. Here are 11 kinds of food that are good for Bichon. The food is cheap and healthy. If you let your dog eat it irregularly, it will not only change the taste, but also be good for the health of the Beagle. There are 11 kinds of natural nutrition products that are more beneficial to Bichon dogs:

    1. Apple is rich in food fiber, which is very helpful to improve constipation or intestinal problems. In addition, pectin in food fiber is also very effective to eliminate toxins in the body. However, because apples contain too much sugar, be careful not to overeat them.

    2. Seaweed: rich in iodine, it is very good for the growth of skin and fur. In addition, it can enhance the digestion ability and promote the effective work of thyroid gland.

    3. Carrot: rich in vitamins and minerals to help beagles form good tooth enamel.

    4. Fruit juice: fruit juice is a good choice, rich in vitamin C, to help better control tear marks and muscle coordination than dogs. Dog owners usually can drop a few drops in the water for dogs to drink, but pay attention to control the amount, too much juice is not good for dogs.

    5. Cauliflower (broccoli): cauliflower is composed of bracts and stems. In addition to β – carotene, vitamin B1, B2 and C, it also contains iron and food fiber, which is a very nutritious food. Especially the fiber content of the stem is very rich.

    6. Soybean: soybean is rich in plant protein, and it is also a good dog food. If the dog’s protein intake is insufficient, it will not only cause physical weakness, but also increase the possibility of virus infection. But one thing to note: if you want your dog to eat soybeans, please boil them with water until they are soft and rotten, and then serve them to your dog.

    7. Honey: natural nutrition. When the dog is sick, a spoon mixed with two glasses of water for the dog to drink is very good for the dog’s physical recovery.

    8. Lean pork: the fat content of lean meat is less, and it contains a lot of vitamin B1 which can promote the recovery of digestive function. Although the necessary intake is less than that of the Bichon dog, it is not necessary to eat too much. However, if the intake is insufficient, it may also cause some skin problems.

    9. Chicken liver: rich in protein, vitamin A, B1, B2, B12, C, iron, copper (quite effective for pernicious anemia) and other nutrients. Now some owners talk about the color change of chicken liver. Excessive consumption of chicken liver will indeed lead to calcium deficiency, especially for puppies. However, we cannot deny the nutritional value of chicken liver, as long as we eat it reasonably.

    10. Mutton: if you don’t think your dog has enough weight, you can give him boiled mutton. Feeding once a week is enough. Here’s a reminder: we should pay attention to that raw meat is absolutely not allowed to be eaten by Bichon, or the dog will have a very itchy rash.

    11. Egg yolk: if you think the hair of a Bichon is not very good, you can eat the egg yolk two or three times a week (don’t give it to a Bichon), which can supplement microelements and beautify the hair.

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