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    The dog with a cold is not only hard for the dog, but also the owner is worried. So it’s very important to take care of the dog at ordinary times. Especially when autumn comes, the dog may catch a cold accidentally. So here are some tips for parents to protect the dog in autumn!

    1. Choose a good weather for bathing. In summer, we often bathe our dogs at will, wash them if we want to, and then dry them not completely. Let the dogs air dry naturally. You can’t do that in autumn. In autumn, the weather gets colder and colder if it rains. If you take a bath for your dog and don’t dry it completely, go out and play, and catch up with the autumn wind, your dog will have a very high chance of catching a cold. Choose a sunny day, give the dog a bath and then blow dry completely can effectively prevent the dog cold. If you can’t dry it all at once, don’t take it out to play, because after all, the wind in autumn is much cooler than that in summer. After taking a bath, let the dog stay at home for a while and then go out, even if the natural air drying is also good at home. It is more important for dogs to have raincoats in autumn than in summer. A cold autumn rain, in some places the autumn rain is also very much, days for several days, always under the light rain.

    2. When you go out, you can put on a raincoat for your dog, let it get as little rain as possible, keep it warm, and prevent the dog from catching cold. Especially if your dog is a short haired dog, you should also put on a raincoat for him. If you haven’t prepared a raincoat for him all the time, you should reduce the time for walking outside, go home as soon as you have finished defecating, wipe it completely after going home, or blow it dry with a hair dryer again. Don’t let the dog’s skin soak in cool rain.

    3. Weak dogs need to wear clothes. Chihuahua or other small dogs, short haired dogs such as mini Doberman. They have poor cold resistance. Don’t think it’s necessary to dress them only in 39 days. If you are used to walking your dog when the sun comes out, it’s not a big problem, but if your dog likes to go out early or come out after the sun goes down, you need to consider whether it’s necessary to put a windproof coat on the dog according to the situation of the day.

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