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    In the season of frequent haze, the probability of human respiratory tract infection increases. For dogs, the harm of haze to their bodies is not only simple to infect the respiratory tract, but also causes the following kinds of injuries to dogs. Owners should pay attention to protection.

    1. Frequent upper respiratory tract infection. At haze weather, a large number of micro dust and toxic substances floating in the air, once inhaled, will stimulate the respiratory tract mucosa, damage the defense ability of the respiratory tract mucosa, bacteria into the respiratory tract, easy to cause upper respiratory tract infection. Cough, runny nose, dyspnea and other common respiratory symptoms appear. The symptoms of elderly dogs with geriatric cardiopulmonary disease will be aggravated obviously.

    2. Inducing lung cancer. Lung is the core organ of respiration and an important place for the exchange of body and atmosphere. It is relatively isolated from the outside world and spotless. Once the finer particles enter the bronchioles and lungs more deeply, they will cause the obstruction of lung ventilation, and even cause the substantial pathological changes of the lungs. This kind of pathological changes can not be recovered, which will lead to pneumonia or even lung cancer for a long time.

    3. The prevalence of viral infectious diseases. Haze often occurs in autumn and winter. At this time, the temperature drops, which is in the high incidence period of canine distemper and canine parvovirus infection. When the haze weather occurs, the wind speed is small and the air pressure is low, which inhibits the horizontal and vertical diffusion of pollutants. At the same time, the virus is not easy to be blown away and the activity is enhanced, which greatly increases the possibility of dogs being infected. The dust particles and toxic substances suspended in the air will not only be inhaled into the respiratory tract, but also attached to the body surface.

    4. The hair that has been exposed for a long time has become the carrier of hiding dirt and absorbing dirt, and the hair wrapped by harmful substances has lost nutrition, so it is easy to dry up. Toxic substances adhere to the scalp for a long time, and even enter the hair follicle through the pores, causing damage to the hair follicles. Dogs with skin history are also prone to relapse. The particles in the air in haze days adhere to the eyes, which may cause keratitis and conjunctivitis, dry, red and swollen, and tears.

    5. The skeleton development of puppies is blocked. Severe haze weather, dark sky, haze will weaken the UV radiation. If continuously in haze weather, the reduction of sunlight will affect the synthesis of vitamin D in the body, resulting in the high incidence of rickets in young dogs.

    6. It’s easy to be frightened and easy to bite. The haze weather is gray, and the visual distance is greatly reduced. Dogs with poor vision are more difficult to see the situation of the surrounding environment than usual, so their vigilance is increased, a little bit of wind and grass changes into barking. Especially in the area where stray dogs are concentrated, the incidence of biting and traffic accidents is greatly increased.

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