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    As the saying goes, if something goes wrong, there must be a demon. Therefore, if your dog does not eat dog food, it is absolutely abnormal and should be paid attention to. It’s just that details determine success or failure. If you can keep your dog, you can’t let go of any small problems. Following will show you reasons dogs don’t like eating and solutions.

    Don’t randomly feed the good dog food. The nutrition formula is very complete. You don’t need to worry about the malnutrition, but randomly add food and nutrition to the dog. Like all kinds of canned food, chicken snacks are delicious, but if you eat more of them, there will be two results: keeping your mouth in your mouth and nutrition imbalance.

    If the dog is not fed too full at ordinary times and starts to be picky about food, first of all, it depends on whether it is fed too full at ordinary times. Generally, it is OK to hold the dog at 7.8 points when it is fed. It is preferred that the dog be a little hungry, but not too full, because the dog is very hungry, so don’t worry about it.

    On their own initiative, some owners like to add some canned food and meat slices to the dog food to increase nutrition. In fact, the dog food is enough to meet the nutrition needs of the dog. It is not good to do so, but it will cause the dog to pick food.

    Change dog food frequently. It’s a process for dogs, especially puppies, to be familiar with dog food. Frequent replacement of dog food will constantly readjust to the new dog food, which is a test of the dog’s stomach and will cause the dog to appear anorexia. Once a suitable dog food is determined, there is no need to change it.

    The weather is too hot, just like human beings do not have appetite in summer. In the hot season, dogs do not have appetite, let alone dog food. Even their favorite snacks are rarely eaten. At this time, we should remind the owner that it is necessary to cool the dog properly.

    The reason for the amount of exercise. Some dogs get into the habit of walking every day. Once the amount of exercise decreases in a certain period of time, the dogs will eat less, which is a normal phenomenon.

    Sick dog is a very strong and self-healing pet. Generally, there will be no special symptoms at the beginning of illness, but most of them will not eat. If the owner finds that the dog is abnormal, he should pay attention to it in time, and consult the veterinarian if it is serious.

    All in all, except for the last reason, if any dog does not eat dog food in a healthy state, nine out of ten is that your breeding method should find out and correct the problem in time, and make a scientific and reasonable breeding plan for the dog.

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