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    Remember: 8 kinds of food that Samoyed dogs can’t eat
    many foods are absolutely not allowed to be eaten by Samoyed dogs, such as milk, small bones, chicken liver, etc. These foods are very harmful to Samoa, although people can eat them well and they are nutritious. If Samoye eats these foods, he will have diarrhea and vomit gently. In serious cases, Samoye dogs will have incontinence, spasm and even death. List of foods that Samoyed dogs can’t eat
    1. Frozen milk. Samoyed dogs can’t drink milk because their intestines are lactose intolerant, while milk is high lactose (dog milk doesn’t matter, because it’s low lactose). So if the Samoye puppies drink milk, it can’t be absorbed at all, which leads to the decrease of immunity, and diarrhea is the omen.
    2. A lot of fatty meat, as well as acid, spicy, salty and other stimulating food. These things will stimulate the stomach of Samoyed dogs and are not recommended for dogs. Ginger, curry powder, pepper and other irritant spices should not be given to dogs.
    3. Chicken liver: animal liver contains a large amount of vitamin A, which will be accumulated in the body after long-term large-scale feeding of liver. When the accumulated amount exceeds 4 times of liver capacity, toxicity will occur. It can cause swelling, pain, limping, even nerve paralysis, paralysis of hind limbs, fecal incontinence of Samoa dogs.
    4. Do not let Samoye dog eat chocolate, when serious will cause urinary incontinence, purpura and other diseases.
    5. Small bones: large and medium-sized young Samoyed dogs can be fed with large bones rich in calcium, but do not feed chicken, fish, duck bones, etc., especially Samoyed puppies, so as to prevent them from blocking or damaging Samoyed’s throat or esophagus.
    6. Pastry: Generally speaking, there is no need to feed the dog pastry.
    7. Do not give Samoyed dogs to eat cuttlefish, shells, mushrooms and other non digestible food, otherwise it will cause diarrhea or vomiting. 8. Don’t give Samoyed dogs preservatives. Such as sausages, sausages, fish slices, etc.

    Basic precautions for feeding Samoa
    1. Do not feed Samoa with leftovers. Many people think that what people eat is very nutritious, or they are afraid of wasting or saving time, so they use leftovers to feed their dogs. But the leftovers are often mixed with sharp fishbones or bones, which can lead to oral injury in Samoa and even infection in serious cases. So for the sake of your Samoa’s safety, first of all, don’t be lazy and feed them with leftovers.
    2. Pay attention to heating the food fed to Samoye, whether animal food, grain food or vegetables, should be washed and heated to prevent poisoning of Samoye. Especially in summer, food tends to go bad.

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