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    Like the human fetus, the newborn baby dog is also very delicate. Dog owners must be very careful to take care of the baby dog, otherwise it is easy to die. Here’s a brief introduction of “8 key points to know in the care of the new born pine lion”
    1. When a young Chow comes out of his life, he immediately sucks. The young Chow should be allowed to lie next to the female in order to suckle.
    2. If there are many cubs in one birth, the last born baby (usually thin and weak) should be placed on the back two pairs of nipples to suck milk. After repeated times, each baby will have a fixed nipple.
    3. The colostrum is rich in protein, vitamin, magnesium salt, antioxidant, enzyme, hormone, etc. it has the function of diarrhea and disease resistance, and is conducive to the excretion of feces.
    4. Colostrum contains a variety of antibodies (maternal antibodies) of female dogs, so that the colostrum can be used as early as possible (within 0.5-1 hour). The temperature and lung respiration are the biggest differences between the two groups. The body temperature of the new born Chow lion pup is low (34.5-36 degC in 1-2 weeks after birth), and there is no shivering reflex. It completely depends on external heat source (such as the mother) to maintain the normal body temperature. Therefore, it must be kept warm (about 50% of the young Chow lion pups died of cold in 1 week).
    6. The eyes can be opened at the age of 10-16 days, the ears can be opened at the age of 15-17 days, and the respiratory rate can be accelerated, which helps to promote and maintain a higher body temperature. From the age of 2-6 weeks, the body temperature of the young dog rises to 36-39 degC. After the age of 4 weeks, it is close to the adult body temperature. By the age of 6 weeks, the young dog has the function of shivering reflex and self-regulation of body temperature.
    7. Strengthen the monitoring of the young dog to prevent the death of the young dog due to the mother dog’s squeezing, trampling, abandonment and starvation (less milk does not allow the young dog to eat).
    8. Some young Chow lions will not breathe and cry when they are born, that is, they will die. At this time, they can swing their heads down, swing their bodies left and right, suck out the amniotic fluid in their mouths and noses with a suction ball, wipe the nostril mucosa and the whole body with an alcohol cotton ball, and press the chest wall gently and rhythmically. Usually, after 3-4 minutes of artificial respiration, the young Chow lions will start to breathe by themselves. At this time, put the poodle in 39 degC warm water, wash off the filth, dry it with towel, and put it into the incubator.

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