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    Russian Wolfhound (also called BORZOI) originated in the 14th century, is a kind of short hair visual hunting dog. Its name comes from Russian. Before the Russian Revolution, the emperors and nobles used this dog to hunt wolves, so it was called the Russian wolfhound. It’s a gentlemanly, quiet breed. It was introduced from the Middle East to the northern continent to mate and improve with the local long haired sheepdog, and became strong and powerful, with a long coat of cold proof. It was used as a traditional gift between nobles.

    In 1842, the Russian emperor gave the dog to Queen Victoria and then to Princess Sandra. The breeding dog was bred in Norfolk territory with the local Collie, resulting in a new type of long haired Collie, which is a Russian wolfhound with long, elegant and white back hair. They don’t have much patience for children, and they are cold or even unfriendly to strangers, so they are not suitable for families with children.

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