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    The Shetland Shepherd is a kind of intelligent and understanding small and medium-sized dog. It originated in the 20th century and originated in Scotland. It is named Shetland Shepherd for the reason of origin

    The Shetland Shepherd is very similar to the Collie. Its pedigree can be traced back to the period when the Scottish border Shetland Shepherd was exiled to the island. At that time, the Scottish border Shepherd mated with a smaller, intelligent, long haired dog and got a reduced proportion of breeds. Later, from time to time with the long haired Collie mating.

    So now, the relationship between the size and general appearance of the shepherd and the long haired Collie is the same as the relationship between the Shetland Shepherd and the large horse. The Shetland Shepherd has been born for more than 100 years. It is one of the most popular breeds in Japan, mainly distributed in Britain and North America.

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