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    Welsh Kogi, also known as Welsh short legged dog, is a very popular breed nowadays. Because of its long legs and short looks, it is especially popular with girls. At least 920 A.D., Pembroke’s Welsh Corgi was found in England. It comes from two variants of the cardigan and the Pembroke. Pembroke is more famous than cardigan.

    According to the fox like head of a breed brought by Flanders workers, it is believed that this dog is closely related to the ancestors of the canine. However, it is also believed that the Corgi was produced as a result of the mating of the Swedish short legged long body dog and the indigenous dog, which was introduced to Wales through the trade between Wales and Sweden. The cardigan is just as good at cattle as the Pembroke. Because of its lightness and agility, the dog can escape at a very fast speed when the animal with its rear heel bitten gets angry.

    In 1934, Britain officially recognized as two different breeds of cardigan and Pembroke. With the continuous cultivation and training of breeding experts, the wild nature of the dog has been gradually eliminated, and now the price of Corgi in the market is not cheap.

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