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    A medium-sized shepherd dog, born in Hungary. It was originally used for grazing and has developed into a pet dog in recent years. Following will give you a brief introduction of this breed of dog.

    1. Appearance. The head is quite long and narrow. The elongated snout makes the shape of the head very special. Skull relatively broad, vaulted. It’s almost straight from the brow to the nose. The nose is narrow and black no matter what the hair color. Lips closed tightly. The jaw is strong and the cheek muscles are obvious. The eyes are slightly inclined, the distance between the eyes is appropriate, medium size, ovate, dark brown. The expression is lively and intelligent. The ears are upright, the caudal root is high, and the upper 1 / 3 of the ears are bent forward. The neck is of medium length, slightly arched, with obvious muscles, and the skin is free of fat and wrinkles. The body is well developed and the skin is compact. The back line is straight, the back is short and tight. Chest straight, not too wide, quite deep. Ribs slightly arched, flat. Tighten the abdomen. The tail is often curled on the back and has long feathers. The forelegs are straight and parallel, and the distance between the two legs is not too large. The hind legs are strong and muscular. Round feet, close toes, elastic foot pads, strong toenails, black or mouse gray. Coat curly, not smooth or cordate, ca. 4-7 cm long. Curly, messy and dense. There are pure gray, black, yellow and white coat colors.

    2. The very active Tyria type hound has a calm character. It’s very brave. It’s more or less alert to people you haven’t seen. According to the discerning action, it is active, expressive, and pays attention to people at all times and places. Quite noisy, the desire to act on the appearance of the whole. In order to be calm and inactive, the whole body moves constantly. It’s very active. It’s a way to start at work. Shyness and calmness are not valued by this breed of dog.

    3. The owner who feeds the puppies must have enough free time to spend, because this kind of dog is a very beautiful small long haired dog, which needs to be regularly managed, for example, its long hair must be combed with a bristle brush every day. But you don’t have to be as hairy as a heather. When it’s cold, just take a bath every 4-5 months, but in hot summer, take a bath at least once a month. Usually, the coat should be kept clean and smooth, and the dirt should not be stained, so the dog will naturally change the coat once a year, usually between March and April, so it is not necessary to trim the nap. Bohemians are very active, especially like to go out for a walk with their owners, or go shopping on the street or visit the park, and always run around their owners. Give it the appropriate amount of exercise, help it to increase appetite, digestion and absorption, and enhance physical fitness. We should pay attention to the sufficient nutrition of the dogs. We should provide about 150 grams of fresh meat every day. We should also give about the same amount of vegetarian or sugar free or low sugar biscuits and clean cold boiled water.

    If you breed a Pomeranian, you can’t use its close relatives, or you will lose its beautiful body and coat characteristics. The dog’s toes and claws should be trimmed in time. Sharp toes and claws will damage the owner’s clothes and body. Bomi dog is very fond of playing and playing. It is better to raise two dogs so that they can play with each other and reduce the burden of the owner. During breeding, we should pay attention to its mental state and appetite, and treat the disease in time. At the same time, we should avoid being excessively favored and form the habit of willfulness and disobedience, but we should increase the adjustment and strict training.

    4. Large animals are also suitable for hunting. The sense of smell is very developed. Play that real value when fighting wild beasts and small animals. It’s an excellent pet. It’s possible to keep it indoors. Full exercise is necessary. Excellent as a family dog, suitable for dog sports.

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