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    Saluki Hound originated in Iran in the Middle East, originated in 3000 BC. The ancient history can be traced back to 5000 years ago. The walls of ancient Egyptian tombs were also painted with hounds very similar to them. The name comes from Saudi Arabia’s desert flooded city of Saluki, now Yemen.

    Temperament: Saluki is smart, loyal, steady and obedient. It has noble demeanor and is a precious breed. But because he was born as a hunting dog and had a strong desire for hunting, he should be strictly disciplined. In addition, family feeding must provide enough space for their activities, and ensure enough exercise every day.

    Standard Breed: Overall Appearance: Its strength can enable it to kill an antelope. Its temperament is noble, polite, deep and confident. When walking, it looks far away. The height of the male dog is 58.4-71.1cm. The female dog should be smaller, which is the most representative figure of this breed.

    Head is long and narrow, the back of the skull is wide, and the range is between the two ears. When it is not moving, it doesn’t make any sound. The nose is black or amber. Ears – long and covered with long hair from the head. Eyes – chestnut and bright, large and oval, not protruding. Teeth – strong and level.

    Neck is long, erect and muscular. Deep, narrow in the middle chest. Forebody: The root of the leg is muscular, and the front leg is long and powerful. Hindquarters. Toes apart, but unlike Cat Claws, powerful muscles in the hind legs support jumping and running. Waist and back: The back is naturally separated and surrounded by muscles. Tail: Naturally drooping, with long hair on the inside. [fur] smooth and soft. Color: White, cream, golden yellow, red, brown, brown yellow, black and brown yellow. Short hairy type: Other features are the same as the above standards except for the coat without fringes.

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